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Wow, Void Rays are really OP. I found the LotV Brutal campaign run the most difficult of the three, but as soon you unlock Void Rays it trivializes the entire campaign.

You don't need a combined arms force. Just spam nothing but Void Rays and watch the rolling cloud of death shit all over Amon's army.

ProTip: If you setup your Stargates next to Karax during the final mission, you can pump out a void ray every four seconds. They benefit from his production buff.
One day I intend to post my stories here. May it start the rise of this forum.
Truly you are a ballsy motherfucker for logging with your actual user name on the sietch.
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Lord Kragan
Lord Kragan

There you gou.

May the avast be with you.
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*checked the place*

What the hell? How did they get their CrW a running headstart like that?

Also, I didn't realize a lot of my favourite fanwork titles are infested with rightwingers.
Mark Poe
Mark Poe
I registered there with a cooler name (than the ones I use here and on QQ), still got banned within a couple of hours.
That moment when you realize that 40k is a story about a heroic communist revolutionary looking to elevate humanity to his level and in so doing create a stateless and classless utopian society where social status and wealth is irrelevant in the face of everyone being psionic demigods but was struck down by cruel Bourgeois oppressors who wanted to hoard the power of the Immaterium for themselves.