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Your Avatar at the Battle of Klendathu


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A very irritated ROB who saw the Battle of Klendathu decides to place your avatar there. He gives them 2 Objectives to accomplish.

1. Kill every Arachnid at the Planet.

2. Kill the idiot in charge of leading the Invasion.

For those who don’t know, It’s this:
Will they succeed or become bug chowder?

Lord Kragan

The one and only Lord of Mutton Chops.
Start building walls and bunkers'n'shiet. Then die amidst a tide of bugs and be cast in lightning to Azyr.

Then sent back again. And die.
And be sent back again. And die.
Rinse and repeat til there's no bugs or my soul is so riven and shattered that nothing remains.


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I win. An auto-ressurection power that transfers the damage you've suffered to anything in your line of sight, the stock shounen powerset of superspeed and strength with a glowing super mode, mass line of sight permanent machine and mind control via weighted words, gravity and planetary rotation manipulation due to my avatar's cousin, ect.


Sides with the bugs and human fascist scum become incubators as they recognize one another as xeno-kin (and because I'm the Prime Shitlord)

Aaron Fox

SB's Minor Junker Descendant and Hunter of Nazis
So, the bugs are fighting against an apartment sized death tank...

Now, this is the M6 'Schwarzkopf' of the revitalized United States of America. Due to advanced nano-tech and computers, materials science has advanced to a level unheard of previously. The reason it's so heavy is that most of the anti-tank weapons are either a) light-speed, b) near-light speed, or c) ranges from 8-12km/s in velocity. There is no 'dogging' in this world.

ECM as we know it is a thing of the past as Electronic Counter-Wave Measures has taken to the field making current E-War tactics useless (due to the fact the ECWM essentially cancels out RADAR and LIDAR and scrambles IR within a certain threshold that the ECWM unit has). Missiles have to be high quality to keep the FCS guessing or in massive quantities in order to breach the active defense system (composed on this model a .50 cal plasma auto-cannon) and the system's fire control which has a reaction time in tens of nano-seconds which is also tied in with the rest of the armament.

The linear cannon, a 150mm coil gun, fires off a 20 kilo round at 10km/s and comes in pure kinetic (rarely used because technology has overcome the offense>defense mentality thanks to rapid prototyping of armor and energy fields (and you still have to make a platform to utilize a more powerful weapon, which to conquer said defensive systems you need better materials and/or power plants to fire said weapon)), Plasma Jet or 'PlasJet' round (think HEAT on steroids and you get the idea), and High Explosive (Razor) Fragmentation or HEF (think Frag-Rounds but seriously OP against modern equipment, each fragment can detonate as well... and this is designed to go up against power armor that requires .50cal API rounds that are within the 13-14kJ energy ballpark to kill those within the lightest of PAs), and the affectionately named 'Mini-Reaper' 1.5kt miniature antimatter induced fusion warheads.

The .50cal HMGs, M2B4 series of HMGs (Ma Duse Mk II), fire high density rounds that explode inside the target at a velocity of 3km/s or more. The last weapon is a Free Electron Laser tuned to the UV-B wavelength. This is enough to kill an M1A2 with TUSK instantly with enough energy for a M8 AGS afterward.

The pic you see here is probably taken after the initial nuclear holocaust during the end of World War III or during the Siberian Campaign in the early days of WWIII in some random city. The guys in picture are a rare Union of Free Nations (the alliance the US is a part of in this world) 'light infantry' unit. Rare because cybernetics and power armor have replaced body armor as a means of protection completely in the Union and the Corporatist Confederation, even the 'body armor' is essentially a form fitting exoskeleton with advanced body armor on it that is resistant to modern battle rifle rounds. The Shino-Shiite Coalition however don't have the equipment to pump out high quality, low maintenance PAs and cybernetics so they use low grade 'body armor' similar to the Union and Corporatist's use for their mainstay army.

... it should hold out as long as the reactor and ammo holds.

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