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You vs a team of your six favorite characters


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So somehow you've angered your top six favorite characters in fiction by a terrible mistake and they've made an alliance to personally destroy you.
You're allowed to get 8 powers from a randomizer to use against the team coming to destroy you.
here's a link of randomizer http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random
The location is at outside your house and starts at 50 meters apart.
standard equipment.
fave characters are in character yet still very angry
You must KO,Incap or kill the entire team to win

Your Bodyguards with perfect teamwork to protect you.

Genderbent Naruto with feats of original male counterpart from anime/games/manga/fillers as a ninja bodyguard and Bizzaro & Venom/Eddie brock from dc's post-crisis & earth 616 as the anti-hero bodyguards.


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I'm not really a fan of 'your favorite character' threads 'cause it almost never results in a fair fight.


The Freak
So me (A somewhat fit white dude) vs. Freddie Freaker, Homsar, Luke Skywalker (Legends), Thrawn (Legends), Scourge and Fiona Fox.

No, I'm not taking anything to think of this.


Beach bum, Esq.
So, me vs Naruto, Matrim Cauthon, Courier 6, Fukamachi Sho, Peter Parker 616 and Emiya Shirou. High chances of me being effed up here.


British culture>Whatever pleb culture you have
Six faves?

Hm, Superman, Saitama, Issei Hyoudou, Charles Goodwin, Crota and Balthazar Gelt? Welp, I am mostly screwed to oblivion.


You are so dead.

I'll rather stick to apologizing to Belldandy and Twilight Sparkle for whatever reason I gave them to be angry. And implore their mercy.
Just send them to the kitchen dimension with the power of magical misogny, lol.

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