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You are trapped for 7 days in last YouTube video you watched


Well I’m either stuck in World War 1 or in Indiana Neidell’s studio. One of these options is CONSIDEREBLY worse then the other.



Beach bum, Esq.
Being stuck for a week with a Youtube music reviewer doesn't seem so bad, for me that is.


The Freak
I prolly get conscripted as an Espo for the Corporate Sector Authority.

Better than being an Imperial Guardsman from WH40k, I guess?


Master of the Stab
I'm stuck watching someone fish in Minecraft for one hundred minutes. What's next? Him farming for three hours? But, besides that, the owner of the server will probably ban me to Oblivion, as I think he was on his way private server.


American Patriot And Deep Thinker
Oh shiznit, I'm trapped in Paris.....

:: runs away from rioting "Yellow Vests" ::



Indentured Artist

FNAF VR. Goddamit.

I wouldn't survive a night.

Nope. Not even Markiplier's shooting voice is gonna make me move from this spot. I'mma have to survive via raiding the candy machines. Though the animatronics might still kill me for stealing from the prize counter?

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New member
Hmmm. I would be stuck in an LGR Foods video for the next 7 days. Not a bad 7 days it will be. I can drool and play with all sorts of old stuff from the 80s and 90s while vibing at the same time with LGR's monster synth setup.

Edit: Huh didn't realise I actually posted in the same thread months ago. Bruh.
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