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Wyzilla ,Rufus Shinra, and Horton vs Cloak&Dagger, Maleph, and Battlegrinder


British culture>Whatever pleb culture you have
And this is, in action, the terrible understanding of physics that plagues proper VS debates: how can you get pics of a light-destroyer quack?

Signed: the PhD of physics in the room.
And this is, in action, the terrible understanding of the fact-fiction doesn't follow physics to a T. Simple, you can get pics by snipping the anime frame or manga panel of where Rufus-San performed the feat you dense baguette :p

Nurgle Tank

The Murica team loses really hard.

First of all, Battlegrinder’s attack hurt his side more than they hurt the opposing side.
Maleph has literally no significant feats, and regularly gets his ass handed to him every time he fights.
The only one who matters in team Murica is Cloak, who despite having good durability (his argument resistance is very impressive) and quite a good strength (his arguments often make his opponents ragequit) holds a massive idiot ball.

That means, that team Murica has only one fighter who actually matters going up against three of them.

Also, Wyzilla should solo with his “Humanity’s ascension” attack.

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