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Would you be willing to kill/die for your beliefs?


Tranarcha-Feminist Antifa Supersoldier Catgirl
Did you spend some time trying to find an appropriate image where the anime characters had cat ears, but then gave up and just used this one?

Are you sort of pretending that the ribbons in the hair of the one in the back with the Skorpion are cat ears? (Particularly with the trans flag halter top and commie gun.)

Mr Wumbo

Well-known member
In the face of danger, I would prioritize strategic retreat so that I would have chance to fight another day in a much, much more favorable condition.


Well-known member
I could, very well without hesitation, kill for my believes. I know not if I would be prepared to die for them, but I suspect that choice might not even be so far off.


Well-known member
I'd kill for self preservation of what I view is necessary, certainly. But risk my own neck? That'll be a very specific circumstance if life ever comes to that. My nature is to slip away from such things - ideally before the storm even hits. Is the old knee swelling from an imminent shitstorm? Time to pack the bags and emigrate.

Aaron Fox

SB's Minor Junker Descendant and Hunter of Nazis
I would only if the alternatives are worse (or there are no alternatives). If the heavens must fall to ensure that civilization must survive then so be it.

Kylia Quilor

Hopeless Romantic and Nerd
which beliefs? What guarantees do I have that my death would be meaningful in either saving/advancing my beliefs? To what degree in both cases? Would it be slow and painful or quick and painless? Can I die when I'm old and have lived a long and full life and am sure in what I believe and value or do I have to do it tomorrow? If I kill someone - will I go to prison/get the death penalty? Is the person I'm killing innocent? If guilty, of what? Again, do I have guarantees that it will work? And again, to what degree? One person or more than one? Can I kill them in a detached and removed way, or do I have to stab them in the neck repeatedly?

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