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Would you be willing to kill/die for your beliefs?


How do you mean?

As I could view his question in, "Would you defend Liberal Democracy if the Nazis were invading"? As an example.

And then the answer is yes, I would be.

The thing is, in a lot of cases, violence ISN'T needed and one can be won via the pen, not the sword. A good person avoids violence as much as he can, but if it's needed, then he defends himself and others against people that'd do evil. If the Rwandian genocide is occurring and you can prevent it by knocking out the perpetrators using military action, you are morally obliged to use military action, not sit here and let people be slaughtered like animals.

You'll find though a lot of people though are pretty inconsistent when they start screaming about violence, they'll go berserk over a guy sprouting off offensive rhetoric, but ignore the fact the previous government was bombing innocent men, woman and children. As often the people calling for violence are the most emotionally inflicted with their views...


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How many Nazis did you take out at Kursk again?
No comment.

But I have admitted to "being present" at conflict zones in Vietnam/Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan. Pretty sure I have a solid lock on my answer.
What we (and the Hague) should ask is "How many fleeing Soviet conscripts did Lerticus kill?"
I hurt somebody's feelings once.


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Yeah I'd kill for my beliefs. I'm not a pacifist.
I dunno if I'd die for them though. Me sitting in an office chair thinks I could, but me facing the barrel of a gun might think otherwise.

One belief I'd die for the right to self-euthanasia in a circumstance of terminal illness.
On what?

I would eat someone, but not kill them
Honestly one of the last things I want to do before my die is have a butcher make me a delicious steak out of my hams and have a chef expertly cook it up. I'd love to taste human before I die. I'd offer it to all my friends too, maybe even guilt them into it as a dying wish.
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Let's be honest here, some situation cannot be resolved in any other way.

I would prefer to be one who does the killing, though.

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