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Witness the awe-inspiring power of the ELI-NP, the EU-based most powerful laser on Earth

Rufus Shinra

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Press release

10 PW, World Premiere at ELI-NPOn

Wednesday, March 13, 2019, the 10PW (ten millions of billions of Watts) performance of ELI-NP’s High Power Laser System was officially released and a demonstrative test was presented. Reaching 10 PW at ELI-NP is a reference point for scientific research worldwide, Europe making available, in premiere, via Romania, the most powerful laser in the world. The completion of this unique scientific equipment at the assumed parameters confirms that ELI-NP is a successful project, a landmark in the history of Science, and paves the way to top-level international experiments in Măgurele.The ELI-NP team addresses thanks and congratulations to Thales France and Thales Romania teams, for their outstanding results and for the fruitful collaboration during the years of the system’s implementation.


Science & Applications

ELI-NP is going to be the most advanced research facility in the world focusing on the study of photonuclear physics and its applications, comprising a very high intensity laser of two 10PW ultra-short pulse lasers and the most brilliant tunable gamma-ray beam.
This unique experimental combination will enable ELI-NP to tackle a wide range of research topics in fundamental physics, nuclear physics and astrophysics, and also applied research in materials science, management of nuclear materials and life sciences.
ELI-NP has been selected by the most important science committees in Nuclear Physics in Europe - NuPECC - in the Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan in Europe as a major facility.

ELI-NP facility will consist of two components:

- A very high intensity laser system, with two 10 PW laser arms able to reach intensities of 1023 W/cm2 and electrical fields of 1015 V/m.

- A very intense, brilliant γ beam, narrow bandwidth, with E γ up to 19.5 MeV, which is obtained by incoherent Compton back scattering of a laser light off a very brilliant, intense, classical electron beam.

This infrastructure will create a new European laboratory with a broad range of science covering frontier fundamental physics, new nuclear physics and astrophysics as well as applications in nuclear materials, radioactive waste management, material science and life sciences.

During the first phase of implementation (2013-2015), there were accomplished: recruitment of specialized staff, the components of the first 10PW laser in the world, the first part of gamma beam system and civil constructions.

The main research fields and applications at ELI-NP At ELI-NP, two well-established scientific communities, high-power lasers and nuclear physics, have joined their efforts to build a new interdisciplinary facility and to define its research program. The scientific case for ELI-NP, based on the unique features of the high-power laser and gamma beams, was elaborated by an international collaboration of more than 100 scientists from 30 countries and published as the ELI-NP White Book.

The use of the very high intensity laser and the very brilliant, intense γ-beams will achieve major progress in nuclear physics and its associated fields:

  1. Investigation of the high-power laser-matter interactions using nuclear physics methods in order to study the possibilities of obtaining high quality proton and heavy ion accelerated beams using lasers.
  2. The extremely high intensity of the laser beam will allow the study of fundamental physics phenomena anticipated by theory, such as vacuum birefringence and pair creation in intense electric fields.
  3. Investigation of nuclear structure and cross sections of interest for astrophysics using photonuclear reactions.
  4. New methods of identification and remote characterisation of nuclear materials will be investigated with application for homeland security (remote automatic scanning of transport containers) and nuclear material management.
  5. New ways of producing more efficiently radioisotopes currently used in medicine and the producing of newly proposed ones.
  6. Simultaneous use of the high intensity gamma and laser beams will enable fundamental physics studies as pair production in vacuum.
Yet another superweapon instrument of peaceful scientific research made operational in Europa, people. Any comment, @Vorpal?

For Europa, commander!

Inquisitor Solarion

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There are 3 of these facilities with 3-5 very interesting laser systems. It's quite interesting how they mobilized a lot of resources for this, and there's no comparable concentration of facilities in America.
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