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WI: Successful rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan.


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Such a plan, while a good idea, could only work, upon the extirpation of the driving force that caused the whole fustercluck in the first place. Radical Islam. As long as it remains viable and active, true progress is impossible.
Well your post made me realize that radical islam is as meaningless of a term as fascist at this point...


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Bush, Cheney, Al-Zaqwari, Saddam Hussein, Mark Sykes, Francois Georges Picot are all "radical islam." Poverty, corruption, and sectarianism would all be gone if we removed this "radical islam."

Actually can you define radical islam? Some people have actually been able to define fascism pretty successfully.


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For Afghanistan, the restoration workers will have to understand the culture of the rural population. When the city-based Afghanistan communist party tried to introduce their somewhat progressive laws on the rural populations, they were hated as they didn't know shit about the rural country.

Government corruption is also a problem as it has caused some rural villages to chose the taliban over the government.
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