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WI: Nora Valkyrie was Robert Baratheon’s and Cersei’s firstborn daughter?

Empress 18

Cyborg Empress
Nora Baratheon (Nora Valkyrie) is born in 285 AC, a year before her younger half brother Joffrey was born (286 AC), while Myrcella and Tommen were born in 290 and 291 AC. Nora still has her aura active, but not her hammer-grenade launcher Magnhild. Her Remnant-born memories merge with her Westerosi memories in 298 AC. What happens now?

Empress 18

Cyborg Empress
Nora demands pancakes and is depressed about not having any Ren. That's what happens.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Planetos, Lie Ren has accidentally on purpose overthrown Kal Drogo and now leads the khalasar.
What about Jaune and Pyrrha?

Empress 18

Cyborg Empress
Pirrha brings a tied-up Jaune Snow to her tribe. "I am keeping him," she states definitively. No one objects.
Meanwhile, Nora Baratheon brings a tied-up Khal Ren to King’s Landing. “I am keeping him,” she states definitively. No one but her mother, Cersei, objects.


Robert will likely rethink his objections about women once Nora nicks his warhammer for a brawl.

I imagine the Mountain flying through the air as Robert looks on with a single manly tear, going 'thats my girl'.

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