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WI: Nora Valkyrie was reborn as a Sansa Stark replacement?

Empress 18

Cyborg Empress
Similar to my other thread where Nora is reborn as the only legitimate first born daughter of Robert Baratheon and Cersei, she’s instead reborn as an alt Sansa Stark named Nora Stark. She’s only the member of team JNPR to be reborn in Westeros with no memories of her old life in Remnant as a Huntress and only her default personality and Aura carries over to her new life. The semblance won’t activate until she’s put into a situation where it does (i.e. getting struck by lightning and not dying). What occurs from this change and does Nora get along better with her little sister Arya than Sansa did?


Bean Daddy
I would think she would get along better though Arya may get annoyed by Nora Stark more eccentric personality.

Empress 18

Cyborg Empress
Wonder, would joffrey still try to romance her? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
Book Joffrey was said to be pretty charming when he wants to be but I doubt he could keep up the facade for long around Nora, especially when he threatens to gut her little sister at the Ruby Ford for defending the Butcher’s boy Micah. Nymeria the Direwolf’s reaction in attacking Joffrey would be slower than Nora’s. Leg breaking followed by Joffrey’s agonized blubbering would be involved.
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