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Who would be interested in meeting in real life?

Anonasaurus Rex

Well-known member
I was just thinking, I know that some Spacebattlers have met IRL and was curious if any Carbonites would be interested in the same?


Beach bum, Esq.
I need a plane ticket to meet most of you guys. And gals. Sorry for the gaffe. Blushes
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Inspector Hammer

I’m waiting for your meetup with random Chinese spammer
OK, I'll bite: why?

Because 'Hammer' rhymes with 'Spammer', and thus I'm secretly a Chinese spammer?

ETA: Or because my name and avatar is that of a short-tempered comically fascist loose cannon of a detective who is likely to tune up a criminal before hauling them in?




Not-Hostile Robot Caretaker
Most of the people I’d like to *eat in real life have died already.

EDIT: meet.


Meeting new people sounds nice, but I'd need a plane for most of you guys. Well I could meet anyone from Switzerland as long as they live north of Zurich and pretty much anyone from Germany.

Nurgle Tank

what about meeting fuzzy modem
I’d actually like to meet a fuzzy modem, but only under one circumstance, which I will not explain due to having both some human decency and fear if being smacked with an infraction.
anybody who's served in the military on SB?
Didn’t Firethorn serve in the military ?
I mean, Firethorn is chill, so why not.
By the way, does anyone know when is Doc_Holliday’s birthday ? I have some surplus crayon, that I want to get rid of.


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