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What if: USSR gets tech-assist in 1939?


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One day in January of 1939, a mysterious figure makes an offering to Joseph Stalin: 125 units of Molecular Assembler Machine.

Each Molecular Assembler Machine is 6 meters wide, 6 meters long, 4 meters high, each contains a forward facing hatch which opens to a 3m × 3m × 3m internal space.

The MAM works like this, raw materials were placed within the internal space, command instructions were input through a holographic command interface, then, materials in the machine was reassembled at the molecular scale.

Examples of the machine's capability include:
  • Put in a pile of coal, it could either produce Diamond or Graphite, plus a pile of impurities in dust form.
  • Put in a pile of scrap metal, it could produce any machine part in any alloy (provided it has enough elements), plus unwanted impurities in dust form.
  • Put in enough raw material, it could produce entire Shvetsov ASh-62 (provided the operators have the detailed drawing as input).
  • If there's enough space, it could produce multiple parts at the same time.
  • The product of the machine have dimensions accurate to the input figure up to micron-scale.

But, take note:
  • The MAM does not operate on it's own, it requires external electric power input.
  • The MAM does not produce the product immediately, it requires work time and cool-down time.
    • Example: to produce an fully assembled ASh-62 engine requires 10 minutes of working time, plus another 50 minutes to vent waste heat.
    • The waste heat venting process can be compressed to 10 minutes if hooked up to a robust water-cooling system.
    • Forcibly skipping the vent heat process could result in catastrophic failure.
  • The MAM will not function indefinitely, each machine had a guaranteed working lifespan of 50000 working cycles.
    • Adequate cooling of the machine might double the provided figure.
    • After the guaranteed lifespan, each subsequent working cycle have a +1% chance (start from 10%) of the machine suddenly dying (without catastrophic failure).
  • The MAM is not a alchemical transmutation machine, it will not turn lead into gold. It will only reassemble materials at the molecular scale.
    • 1 kilogram of material when in, 1 kilogram of "material + unwanted dust" came out.
  • The MAM can only produce materials that are chemically stable solid at room temperatures, not gaseous nor liquid.
  • The MAM is operating black-box technology that are uncomprehensible by 20th century mankind. Attempts at dissecting a working MAM might result in catastrophic failure of terrain within 800 meter radius.

The Mysterious Figure promise to help train the first batch of operator/technicians in 16 weeks, then it's up to themselves.

How would this have affected WWII and post-WWII technological, political, and military events?


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A small boost to Russia's wartime munitions, arms and armour and engine production probably. As nice as it sounds it still relies on outside input; namely electricity to power it, some form of cooling and the designs fed into the machine.

I mean, give the machine a shitty design and it's still going to produce shitty stuff, just extraordinarily well made shitty stuff.


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Russians will conduct the experiments for years before they figure out an appropriate cooling system and arrange sufficient power supply, which means WW2 (or rather operation Barbarossa) will start on time as it did in our world. Some machines would be lost to catastrophic failures, while others won't be able to change anything as there is a hard limit on how many items can be produced.
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