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Modern What if, the VPAF gets a significantly more capable A2A missile when Operation Rolling Thunder begins?


Trust me, I'm a Tech-Priest
In 3rd of August 1964, R.O.B. disguised as a mysterious old man, offers to help out the North Vietnamese forces.

R.O.B. would provide the following:
  • 18 × MiG-17DRV All Weather Fighters
    • Basically customized MiG-17PF All Weather Fighters (build with slight better quality) that is compatible with other MiG-17 parts and weapons. Only 1 × NR-23 Cannon with 100 shells internally, external hardpoints for 4 × R-3 missiles available.
  • 432 × K-13DRV/R-3DRV/AA-2DRV "Atoll" Air-to-Air Missile
    • Basically improved K-13A/R3S/AA-2A that shared the same guidance systems, same aerodynamics, same external dimensions and same weight.
    • Rocket Motor burn time was increased by 100% while maintaining same thrust and same weight, resulting a 44%~48% increase in max speed and 189%~196% increase in max range depending on launch speed and altitude.
    • Warhead filling replaced with CL-20 filling of the same weight (HE-Frag design remains the same), accompanied by improved proximity fuse that is more accurate and reliable.

Ground crew and pilots would complete their training under the guidance of R.O.B. by February 1965, just in time to face Operation Rolling Thunder.

How much would this have affected Operation Rolling Thunder?

Also: assume the Soviets and Chinese wouldn't realized the missiles or the aircraft differences until these are exhausted in the war.
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Initial bad surprise at the overperformance, then the US reminds its opponent that tech isn't the only thing that matters in combat. Better training, intel, planning and logistics do the job.

Then the US overreacts insanely as it likes to do and ends up fielding Phoenix on every plane, potentially AA variants of the Standard missile as well.
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