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Wasteland Gate [Stargate SG-1/Fallout: New Vegas]


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True but then again has vault-tec ever needed for the research to make any sense for them to do it? Same with the Think Tank.
Yes, but Vault-Tec experimented with the blessings of the American government. Big Mountain was a company and the government was a big customer. It's plausible.

Kylia Quilor

Hopeless Romantic and Nerd
Yes, but Vault-Tec experimented with the blessings of the American government. Big Mountain was a company and the government was a big customer. It's plausible.
True, but Vault-Tec also performed experiments that were the scientific equivalent of 'what happens if we pour gasoline on a fire'. Vault 22/Big MT's Mad Science don't need the SGC/Abydos as a requirement.

That said, in a universe with the SGC, they do make additional sense, that is true.
Chapter 4: Second First Contact - Twice

Kylia Quilor

Hopeless Romantic and Nerd
Wasteland Gate

By Kylia

Chapter 4: Second First Contact - Twice​

Embarkation Room, Cheyenne Mountain Underlevel 28

D Plus 8, Project Blue Book Rediscovery

In the end, it had taken the better part of five days to get everything ready. More personnel and supplies had been moved down to the lower levels of the mountain, but Victoria wasn't sure if that was the wisest idea. In the long term, if they wanted to use the Stargate to settle other worlds and bring back resources, the elevator up and down the mountain's underlevels wasn't exactly the most efficient.

Fortunately, the ceiling could retract, and the crane system that had been used to lower the Stargate down here to begin with was still intact. But they'd need a better place to put it, and there was no solid conclusion on that just yet.

Besides, as long as its downhere, Cheyenne can control it better. That wasn't nothing. And moving all the computers that hooked up to the Stargate to dial it weren't very mobile either.

But there had been too much to do to seriously discuss that issue - Veronica had had to create the elaborate sensor system to put on an Eyebot jury-rigged from scrap and cannibalized machinery, and Cheyenne had had to buy an Eyebot for her to put the system on. The Dealer who sold it to them had been told they were in the market for more, and he'd said he might be able to find more, assuming the money remained good.

Then they'd had to get supplies - old pre-war antibiotics, kept under lock and key for emergencies. The new stuff they made using old world formulas modified based on what was available, and new remedies based on all sorts of approaches, did for most needs, but there were still some old-world medicines left. Doctor Janet Frasier, the doctor now assigned to the lower levels had deemed the possibility of alien viruses enough to merit breaking them out of storage. She was also talking about quarantine, for when they came back.

Food, water, stimpacks - old world and new knock-offs that were maybe half as good on a good day - ammo and more. On the ammo front, they were doing surprisingly well. One of the things Stargate Command had had, apparently, was it's own ammunition forge. As long as you fed the raw materials in, it could make ammunition quickly and effectively, far faster than anyone Victoria knew of - except maybe the Gun Runners. It was hard to say with them.

The ammo forge could possible also be repurposed to make other things - Veronica and Raul were far from sure about that, but they thought it might. Raul was staying behind on the base to help Cheyenne's people repair, maintain and just plain understand all the systems at work in the SGC. Veronica, on the other hand, was coming through. Arcade as well. Along with Captain Sheppard and two of the CDV's guys - the same Wells and Bosworth from before.

A six man team to go through this Stargate and see what the hell was on the other side.

"Dialing the Stargate Now," Walter Harriman, a civilian bureaucracy that worked for Hammond said over the intercom into the Embarkation room, pressing keys into the computer. Victoria watched, still somewhat awed as the stargate dialed - the base didn't shake as much this time, now that the stabilizers had been fixed, but it was loud.

"Next time, let's not be in this room when the gate is dialed," Victoria half-shouted over the noise of the symbols locking into place.

"Good plan," Sheppard agreed, just as loudly. Victoria turned back to the gate as the seventh and final symbol locked in, and the Gate 'whooshed' outward again, before the blue, shimmering, seeming pool of water appeared in the gate. "Sure we're not gonna get wet walking through that?"

"It's not actually water, it just looks like it," Arcade assured him. "It's the event horizon of the wormhole. We pass through it, we arrive on another planet." after getting taken apart and put back together. She'd experienced that when she'd been zapped away to Big MT, so she knew it was safe... but she wasn't looking forward to it. Not at all.

"Sending Eyebot 1 through," Harriman said, and sure enough, the eyebot, unpainted and unadorned save for the sensor array all around it, on the top and bottom of the round little robot, flew through the... 'event horizon'.

"Eyebot 1 is through," Harriman said after a moment. "Picking up reading from the sensors... atmosphere breathable... temperature... computer says everything is safe. No sign of radiation."

"No radiation?" Bosworth grinned, "Sounds like paradise to me." Was hard to find anywhere in the Wasteland with no residual radiation, even if it wasn't enough to hurt.

But now...

Now they could go somewhere that had none.

"Miss Fernandez," Hammond said. "It would seem you and your team have a go."

"Alright!" Victoria let out a small cheer. "See you on the other side," She grinned, feeling giddy. Then, running up the ramp, she all but dove through the Stargate, running at top speed...

Unknown Planet

D Plus 8, Project Blue Book Rediscovery

...only to crash, nearly headfirst, onto soft earth, as nausea threatened to leave her heaving her lunch out onto the...


Nausea still gripping at her, and her hands a little pained from barely managing to break her fall, Victoria looked beneath her. Grass. She looked up.

Green. Green everywhere - no trees, but bushes, grass, small plants... they were in some wide, seemingly empty expanse, a forest of more trees than she'd seen even in Zion

It's like Arroyo...But even better.

Was this what Earth could be like before the bombs? Not everywhere would have been like that but...


Victoria pushed herself to her feet and staggered forward, catching herself on the edge of some black... thing as she heard a rippling sound behind her, and the sound of Arcade, Veronica and the other three making noises of nausea.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Veronica said, "Urk..." No one actually threw up as Victoria felt her stomach calm a little and she straightened up, looking around more.

The Eyebot was still floating there, waiting for further instructions, beeping occasionally. Swallowing her bile before she could actually vomit, gagging a little at the heat of it going back down, Victoria looked at her Pipboy, wondering if it could at least figure out where north on this planet was.

That involves... what, magnets or something? She thought she remembered reading about how magnets and magnetism was a way to find north, or something like that.


Okay, maybe we didn't think all of this through. Then again, Not thinking her adventures through was kind of her thing, and at some point, you just had to take a leap. Before the War, the US knew all sorts of things about all this we just don't... Arcade's passing acquaintance Dr. Carter notwithstanding, she doubted if there were ten people in all the Wasteland, anywhere, who knew any meaningful old world science about other planets or space or anything like that.

Her Pipboy at least seemed to think it knew which way was north. "Assuming my Pipboy knows what the hell it's talking about," Victoria said, turning ninety degrees to the right and pointing ahead of her, "that way is north." She looked around, taking in all the green.

"Imagine if we could get Brahmin here?" She mused. "Look at all this grass." It was long, and untamed, going halfway up to their knees in a few places.

"They'd certainly have a lot to eat." Sheppard agreed. He looked around. "You know - shouldn't this planet have a name?"

"Based on the code the Air Force assigned planets based on addresses, it was P2J-something something," Victoria answered, absently, looking around for more signs of regular travel. She was used to tracking in the desert sands or at least places a hell of a lot drier and with less vegitation than this planet.

"P2J-518," Arcade supplied.

"Doesn't really roll off the tongue. Why don't we call it... Verdant?" Sheppard suggested. Victoria looked up at him, raising her eyebrow. "You know, for all the green."

"It's unlikely the entire planet is green," Arcade pointed out. "The planet is probably like Earth - different biomes in different areas based on climate."

"True, but we're not going to actually look at the entire planet, now are we?" Victoria looked back down at her Pipboy, fiddling with the dials on the off-chance there were any detectable transmissions on radio waves in range. Maybe we should bring some more sensitive equipment, set it up when we arrive?

But how to make it man-portable? Victoria made a mental note to ask Veronica about that.

"Hammond gave us a seven-day window to scout and report back," Victoria went on, "So at the very most, we could go three days in one direction, then three days back, give or take." That still left an obvious question. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sheppard take a pair of Binoculars from Bosworth and look through them, checking the horizon.

"Looks like there's... something off to the northwest. Call it... three miles? Maybe a little more or less. Assuming this planet is the size of Earth, anyway." What does that have to do with anything? Sheppard lowered the binoculars. "The curvature of the Earth means that out past about three miles, you can't see what's ahead, unless you're on high ground." Victoria stared at him, but Arcade was nodding along with him.

"I read," Sheppard provided by way of explanation. "Anyway, it looked like, structures. Maybe some sort of ruin? Didn't look intact, but it's hard to say."

"Well, Northwest then," Victoria said, looking to everyone. "Unless there's any better ideas?" No one suggested any, so she led the way, everyone else falling in behind. Victoria looked back behind her and gestured at Veronica to walk with her, "come on." Veronica stepped up her pace just a bit so she caught up with Victoria, then matched Victoria's stride.

Victoria had known Veronica for ten months now, just about. She'd gotten very used to her friend-slash-crush's expressions, and this one, the one she'd had since they'd arrived here, was one very thoughtful. Her eyebrows were a little furrowed, but only just, her eyes had a distant sort of cast to them, and she was lightly drumming the fingers of her non-power-fisted hand against her leg.

"Cap for your thoughts?"

"Thinking about this... planet. There's... only place greener than this that I've ever seen would be Vault 22," Veronica started. "If we took Brahmin here, like you said - I mean, they'd have to be on the move, cover a wide range of space as they eat the grass, so we'd want to check this place out in all directions..." then she looked back towards the gate for a moment. "Maybe set up some farms, fertilize with the Brahmin dung. A few houses... the real problem would be getting everyone and everything people would need."

"That did occur to me as well," Victoria nodded. "If we want to really move lots of people and... stuff through the Stargate, sooner or later, we'll need to move the Gate itself. Problem is, we the dialing computer isn't very mobile."

"True," Veronica agreed. "Maybe we could run some sort of cable or something all the way up, but it would be cumbersome." She looked around, letting out a breath, biting her lip a little, a wistful look on her face. "I can't believe we're on another planet - and it looks... well, like what Earth used to look like. I've seen pictures, you know." She gestured a little grandly. "This is... this is what we used to have."

"We can have it again. Someday. Maybe we could wander the galaxy, planet to planet, exploring all the cool alien tech," Victoria suggested, wanting to stop Veronica from getting melancholy. She could guess where this would go. Veronica would wish she could show this to the Brotherhood, get them to understand just how much bigger the world was now.

And of course, she couldn't. The Brotherhood would try to keep the Stargate for themselves, or maybe just bury it, as too dangerous to be allowed to be used.

The Stargate could be the way to rebuild the whole world. Eventually. Victoria was always one to think big, but if this could be a way to set up... settlements on other worlds, growing radiation free food, that food, or water from planets with plenty to spare, could be sent through, used to help communities flourish, grow. Rebuild cities. Clear out more ruins, recover lost technology.

And if there was alien tech they could find, useful tech, stuff that could maybe even heal the damage of radiation to the landscape, or... the alien version of radios and telephones, communication over longer distances could be possible. Connecting distant communities... and that was just the start of what she could at least imagine.

We could use the technology, the access to the Stargate... get all the different independent little communities and peoples across the world, eventually, all work together under one framework, pooling resources... all to use the Stargate...

Victoria was one to think big, but now, now with the Stargate, she was thinking huge. And more than a bit absurdly idealistic. But she couldn't help but imagine.

Could take a lifetime, or more, but... it could work, couldn't it? That was a dream, distant as at might be.

But Cheyenne alone couldn't make full use of the Stargate...

Veronica smiled a bit at the mention of alien technology. "I can't wait to find some," her smile turned into a grin. "Just think what kind of power sources these aliens could use for their... anything? It could make Hoover Dam look like nothing."

"Very true," Victoria hadn't even thought about power generation... but it was a good point. "So... glad I talked you into coming with me?" Not that it had been hard, but still.

Coward. Victoria pushed the self-accusation to the back of her head. This was hardly the time or the place.

Veronica laughed, "Of course. Are you kidding me? This is - this is the opportunity of a lifetime. A hundred lifetimes. So many things to learn. I can't wait to study the Stargate itself more. And the dialing computer!" She shook her head, awed. "I've found some impressive old-world computer systems, but that? There's so many layers of complexity there... it took them nearly ten years to make a system that could actually dial the Stargate, even with RobCo's help. And whoever created the Stargates? They can fit it all into that... DHD? I can't even imagine..."

"Smaller computers, better ones too."

"Still... how would we even begin to study one? It could be like... what if ants tried to use a computer?" She laughed, "that's what we must be like, to the Stargate. To what we might find out here."

"Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there?" Victoria grinned. "This really is just the start of a whole new adventure for us." She mimed holding a wineglass. "To a new adventure with my best friend by my side." More if would just be less fucking oblivious... Victoria quashed the errant thought even quicker than her last one. She wasn't entitled to Veronica's affections. She didn't get to even think like she was.

And again, not the time. Por dios, Victoria, control yourself.

"New adventure, and best friends," Veronica agreed, miming holding a wineglass as well and 'clinking' her glass against the one Victoria was 'holding'. "Cheers."

Unknown Planet

D Plus 8, Project Blue Book Rediscovery

The ruins were just that - ruins. Some great stone structure, big, open space, for something. There were holes in the roof and the walls, and some of the support columns seemed distinctly unstable. Around the main building where the shattered shells of other, smaller stone structures. And of course, the grass around this whole area was gone, the ground bare and brown, and it had been for a while, but there were also areas of deep impression into the dirt, and they looked almost... fused, in places.

Like plasma fire. The impressions reminded her of small impact craters, too, like from the artillery of the Boomers. Just... even smaller than that.

The ruins themselves...

"Is it just me, or does it look like this place was near a nuclear detonation? Like, not too close, but the way these buildings are half-wrecked... it's like parts of outer Vegas, or parts of the Boneyard." Victoria looked around.

"Now that you mention it..." Arcade agreed. "But your Pipboy would be telling us if there was any radiation... and there's no signs of any bombs dropping anywhere nearby."

"What about this?" She gestured to one of the craters. "This dirt here almost seems... glassy?" She frowned. "Plasma?"

"Plasma can do that, if it's in powerful enough concentration all at once. Lasers too, but less common." Veronica said. She looked around further. "Scorch marks, small holes burnt in, here on the walls..." she frowned, "This one looks like it came down from above..." she traced the 'line' from the scorchmark to one of the holes in the roof.

"Like there was an attack from the air. Like... a Vertibird with plasma weapons, instead of a gatling gun?"

"This place was attacked then." Sheppard frowned. "No sign of whoever did it now, though." He gestured to Wells and Bosworth, and they went off together, heading off to one end of the structure. "No bodies, either."

"Could have happened a long time ago, but you would think skeletons..." Victoria crouched and ran a hand along the ground. A small amount of dust gathered onto her fingers. "Nobody has been here recently." She stood back up. "Let's look around, see if we can figure out who lived her, see if there's anything to find."

"But let's not linger too long here. I had empty abandoned places. Because they usually aren't." After a moment, Victoria removed her .44 from it's holster, though she kept it pointed at the ground. There was nothing... notable, about the building, she realized, as she walked around. Nothing on the walls, nothing on the floor. No ruined furniture, no bodies...

It was as if someone has stripped the place clean. Which they could very well have...

Though why? What was here?

"Victoria, look at this," she heard Veronica say, and Victoria headed over to where the former Brotherhood Scribe stood by a pillar.

A pillar that had some sort of panel, complete with blinking lights and buttons. Veronica held up some sort of fake cover that had been the same color as the stone of the column. The buttons had symbols on them, or maybe they were letters or words in some alien language. It was impossible to say.

"Hidden panel... no way to know what they do..." Victoria considered just pressing one, but that was not the best of ideas. Not while everyone else was in the building any-

Victoria's thoughts were interrupted by sort of high-pitched electronic humming. Raising her gun, Victoria turned, seeing Veronica do the same out of the corner of her eye -

Not five feet from the two of them... a series of five rings floated in the air, bright light inside the cylinder of space they created -

And then the rings sank back into the ground and the light faded, revealing two... humans.

Armed humans.

They were clad in armor, metal, but nothing like the metal armor one could find in the Wasteland, made from scrap beaten together into something resembling a shape. No, this armor was professionally made, covering the body neck to mid-thigh, a collar, a sort of skirt-like bit at the bottom to cover the legs.

In their hands were long metal staves, bulbous heads at one end. With an electric crackling sound, the heads seperated a bit, electricity crackling around it, like the energy that was barely contained inside a Tesla cannon. On their foreheads was a small black tattoo, a symbol of some sort of bird of prey

"Kree tal shal mak!" One of them barked, the words hostile, angry, demanding.

Victoria leveled her gun at one of them, right at his head. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sheppard and Arcade doing the same with their own weapons, Veronica bracing herself to charge with her power fist.

The rings must be some sort of teleporter...

"I don't understand you," Victoria said, in a level, even tone. The Stargate is supposed to translate most languages... that's what the files said. English included. But not this language...

"Drop your weapons and surrender! Identify yourself!" Even expecting translation, hearing English from an - alien? Alien Human? - was a surprise.

"And who the hell would I be surrendering to?" Victoria replied cooly, cocking the hammer back on her pistol.

"Your primitive weapons are no danger to the Jaffa of the god Heru'ur!" The same one snarled, sounding like a Legionary praising Caesar. "Surrender or die!" Both 'Jaffa' aimed their - staves? - at her.

"I really don't do well with ultimatums like that," Victoria said quietly. "Look, we're not here to fight-"

"You intrude on the territory of the Great god Heru'ur, Son of Ra, Rightful Master of the System Lords!" The Jaffa - whatever that actually meant - barked, "Conqueror of a Thousand Worlds, master of a Hundred Armies!"

"And in possession of a foot-long dick too, right?" Victoria chuckled skeptically. "Or is he gonna claim thirteen inches, really go for that extra inch?" Before the Jaffa could respond, Victoria fired, VATS allowing her aim to be true, the bullet traveling right into the man's head.

Victoria shifted her gun, firing again at the same time Sheppard and Arcade did.

Unfortunately, that split second was all that the other Jaffa needed to fire.

A ball of plasma, bigger and hotter than anything she'd seen thrown at her by the stuff the Van Graffs sold smashed into her chest, the force of the impact sending her flying backwards - she didn't even realize she was moving as the heat burned her, a scream ripping from her throat, until she felt her back smash into the wall, more pain erupting there.

But the other Jaffa was dead even before his shot had connected with her.

"Fuck!" Victoria strangled out, the pain worse than anything she'd felt in a long time. Not as bad as waking up after getting shot in the head, or how she'd been after she'd taken on Fortification Hill single-handedly, but immense nonetheless. She could barely focus but for the agony, but she managed to, only moving her empty arm, to get open a pouch, a new-model stimpack...

She jammed it into her neck, crying out again, but only for a moment as the entry-point painkillers, not as powerful or as long-lasting as Med-X. The potent mixture of Xander Root and Broc Flower, mimicking imperfectly the advanced stimulants made before the war of real Stimpacks moved quickly through her bloodstream, but the pain was going to be with her for a while.

She looked up to see Veronica and Arcade crouched by her side, Arcade starting to pull out a syringe-

"No, no Med-X," Victoria gasped out. "GAH!" She looked down at her armor - it was still mostly intact, but she could see a few bits burnt nearly through by the blast. The advanced pre-war polymers and flexible alloy underlays might have stopped the worst of it, but the heat and impact were still very real, so much more intense than anything a plasma weapon could do. At least any she'd had the misfortune to be hit by.

"Victoria listen to yourself-" Arcade started, but Veronica interrupted.

"What you thinking! You had to know you couldn't get them both!" Veronica's scolding was underlay with concern and fear, the anger only a small note.

"I was thinking," Victoria clenched her teeth as she spoke, the stimulants working at repairing the superficial damage of the burns that had to have gotten through the armor, the same for what had to be ungodly bruising in her back - didn't feel like any bones were broken there, or she'd be completely paralyzed.

It would take hours and more stimpacks to heal all the damage, but this could get her moving.

"I was thinking," Victoria repeated, gritted teeth and the occasional gasp still marking her pain, "that we couldn't let them shoot first. That they were clearly hostile - they talked like Legionaries. You don't negotiate. I have the best armor of anyone here - and it still didn't stop the blast enough. Though I'd braced myself properly it wouldn't have sent me flying ten feet..." Well, it looked like ten feet, give or take.

"Victoria, you can't just shoot random aliens! We invaded their territory!" Arcade scolded, still holding the Med-X. "You might have just started a war we didn't need to-"

"Put that Med-X away!" Victoria snapped, nearly shouting the words. "Sorry," She gasped out a moment later. She looked from Arcade to Veronica, "They said 'surrender or die!' they didn't tell us to leave, they didn't give us any other options and these Goa'uld - this Heru'ur has to be one of them - enslaved humans from Earth."

"I survived ten years as a Courier in the Wasteland because I know when to shoot first. This was one of those times. Like I said - I have the best armor..." She looked down at it again, "And it did a good enough job... I'm alive... and it's still mostly undamaged. Mostly."

"Next time -" Veronica started, then. "Warn us next time, Victoria." The former scribe looked away, biting her lip.


"I'm sorry. You're right. I should have said something. Or we should have discussed... hostile contact plans or whatever." She held out her hand to Veronica, "Help me up?"

With Veronica's help, she managed to get back onto her feet - the pain was still there, but she could walk, and by now the superficial damage, the surface burn would be gone. Getting the real damage healed would take more time - an old-world stimpack might have been able to do more faster, but the mutated flowers and roots that went into the new blend couldn't stimulate the body's natural healing anywhere near as fast or as effectively.

Sheppard and his men were already at work, stripping the bodies of the two Jaffa of their weapons and any pouches. Then, out of one of the bodies sprang some sort of snake, almost flying towards Wells - the soldier staggered back, shooting at it repeatedly, tripping falling - and the snake missed him, barely, landing on the ground.

Only to get stepped on by Sheppard.

"What the fuck?!" Sheppard scuffed his foot, making sure to grind thing into the stone.

Victoria eyed the bodies, and then another snake-like-thing slipped out from the armor of the other - it didn't try to... 'leap' or whatever the fuck the other had done, but Sheppard took no chances, firiting a full burst into the foot-long, thin body.

"Okay, so what was that?" Sheppard looked at the two dead...


"Alien life, clearly," Arcade said, walking briskly to the dead Jaffa. He pulled aside the armor of one of the bodies - it had some sort of easy to remove top layer - baring the stomach of the dead human.

But humans didn't have a pouch in their stomachs. Arcade put on a glove and reached into the pouch.

"It's... it's like a pouch for some sort of marsupial," Arcade muttered to himself, "But for... whatever those are."


"Pre-war type of animal," Arcade answered victoria. "Most common in Australia, but in other parts of the world too. I don't know of any that survived the radiation, but they gave birth to life young, but then carried them in an external pouch until they were old enough and developed enough to operate independently. Kangaroos, Opossums, Koalas..." none of the names meant a think to Victoria, but she believed him.

"So what... this... 'Jaffa' was an incubator?"

"I have no clue," Arcade admitted. "Not without more time to study these remains, and maybe a live version, if we can manage it somehow-"

Before Anyone could say anything else, there was a loud, almost screeching whine coming from somewhere nearby.

And above.

Through one of the holes in the ceiling, Victoria looked up and saw some sort of... plane swooping down - no, three of them. On a direct line for...

"MOVE!" Victoria moved with the rest as large blasts of what had to be plasma crashed into the ceiling, sending pieces of it falling, one landing where Veronica had been standing fiddling with one of the staff-weapon-things.

The alien planes kept flying by, the blasts having burned deep into the floor, leaving noticeable craters.

"Okay, let's see if we can't get somewhere where those things aren't coming at us." Sheppard suggested.

"Where!?" Victoria demanded. "You can't outrun something that can fly!"

"How about wherever those teleporting rings go?" Sheppard suggested. "Waiting around isn't getting us anywhere, and-"

Victoria held up a hand, the whine of the planes getting louder again, as if they were going to come around for another pass -

And then there was another sound, like the rings had made, but this time, outside of the building...

"I think we're about to have company! Take cover!" Victoria dove behind a pillar, everyone else managing to get behind some kind of cover when a dozen armored people quickly entered the structure. More Jaffa, based on the armor...

But the three in the head had elaborate helmets that looked like the heads of like... cobras, if she was remembering the pictures she'd seen in that pre-war magazine. Somehow, she didn't think they were on the same team as the dudes with bird tattoos.

Before she could say anything to test that theory, or even shoot the new arrivals, the rings inside the building activated again, this time filling with four Jaffa - and immediately the new arrivals and the snake group started to fire at one another, the plasma blasts from their staffs wildly inaccurate as they started to crash into the walls all around them. Only the cover they'd taken was keeping them alive.

"I think we've walked right into the middle of a goddamned war!" Victoria shouted, taking aim at one of the - Heru'ur? - Jaffa and shooting at his leg, the thinner armor there not enough to stop her bullet. Arcade, Sheppard, Wells and Bosworth did the same, all targeting and quickly taking down Heru'ur's guys

But the Serpent-team didn't seem to like the assist - with their first enemy down, they started to shoot at Sheppard and his people, each of them only barely managing to get back into full coverage before the staff-weapons hit them with more plasma bursts

The roar of the exploding blasts of plasma all around, as the rings brought up four more of Heru'ur's soldiers - they all quickly dove away from the rings, and then the rings brought up still more... how many do they have?!

As if to punctuate her question, more Jaffa came in through the front door, also firing at Heru'ur's men. And at her team. They seemed completely indiscriminate

"They're both hostile, clearly! Kill them all!" Victoria barked. She stood, back pressed against the pillar, it barely covering her body. She spun out the chambers for her pistol and loaded three more bullets to replace the three she'd fired.

"VERONICA, CATCH!" She pulled out her police pistol from the Sierra Madre, dropping it to the ground and kicking near to where Veronica had taken cover. She had no ranged weapon...

Curling a bit around the cover, Victoria turned, took aim and started shooting, emptying her pistol within seconds, dropping down to a crouch behind the pillar, and reloading, not even sure what she'd hit or taken out in the chaotic firefight in front of her.

Note to self, bring bigger capacity guns next time!

Kylia Quilor

Hopeless Romantic and Nerd
And here we have it, the first trip through the gate and the arrival on another world. Though, as I was afraid would make the most sense, 'Chapter 4' has been broken up into two, since fitting the whole mission through the gate would have been unwieldy.

Some notes:
  • The show never really does adequately explain how everyone "speaks English". For TV purposes, it made sense, as it would have been a waste of time for Daniel to have to translate the local dialect every episode. And I have no interest in having to deal with that either. I'm going to stick with the common fanon convention that the Stargate translates most spoken languages of people who pass through it. Goa'uld, Abydonian, and some other languages, for various reasons, don't translate, but given that the Ancients made the Gates so simple for even primitives to use, they presumably wanted diverse cultures and communities to interact, and that means translation. So there.
  • The problem with most any explanation for pre-war Stimpacks is that it doesn't explain how the kind you can make really work - either the NV kind of the Fallout 4 kind. It's basically a lot of bullshit, but most of the 'science' of the Fallout verse is utter nonsense, so I came up with my own bullshit explanation - albeit hardly a unique one.
  • The scene at the very end with Serpent Guard arriving is... not very good. I know it reads as kind of abrupt - getting that scene right was the big delay for this chapter. I'm bad at fight scenes in general, and with this one giving me trouble, I just said fuck it and wrote that in. I'm open to some thoughts on how to improve it for when this chapter gets posted elsewhere.

And if anyone is curious, yes, Teal'c is one of the Jaffa under the Serpent helmets.

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