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Trashy/so bad its good Fanfic reccomendation.


Raging Progressive Anarcha-Queer Eco-Kween.
So while the thread might just end up being a thread entirely consisting of posts by me I still think it deserves a mention.

To basically explain sometimes when I need it I want something to read that is as uncomplicated and thoughtless as possible.

Enter Trashy fanfics as they are free and don't require me to buy trashy Romance novels.

And while Smutty fanfics are in violation of rule 3 It is fine(last I was made aware) if simply the name and author are mentioned to help get there. so yeah thats really only the rules.

With that out of the way.

here are 2 of them.

Moments in Time by WatermellonSmellinFelon


Praeclarus Anguis by KaedeRavensdale


Raging Progressive Anarcha-Queer Eco-Kween.
thank you

I got the impression the SDer rampant author really didn’t like Star Trek..,
Its a tad obvious isn't it?

Snake in the Dark (you will see me mention a lot of trashy harry potter fics apparently Rowlings world is fertile ground for trash) by Kistenbabe On Ao3

quite good trash Harry gets turned into a snake.

I mean look at these tags its like the finest wine.

Dumbledore Bashing, Weasley Bashing, Dark!Harry, Sane!voldemort, evil!dumbledor, Remus bashing, Order bahsing, Manipulative!dumbledore.

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