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Transformers X! (Transformers/Multi-Crossover RP) (OOC)

Revenge of the Boo!

Plot: In this series that reimagines various characters as Cybertronians, a group of Autobots and a group of Decepticons both find themselves banished to Mars. Red vs. Blue style Shenanigans ensue as they fight each other.


So, you can be any Character from across fiction, with a twist: They have to be reimagined and reworked as Cybertronians from the Transformers franchise! So, yeah, here's sheet:

Name(s): (Both Cybertronian name in this Universe and their original series name)


Alt Mode: (The vehicle they Transform into)

Appearance: (Picture or description)


Background: (this will obviously be different from their Canon background, since they're now transforming robots and all. Be creative!)

Autobot or Decepticon?:




Have fun!
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