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The Trump-Russia Investigation Thread: Mueller Goes Terminator Edition


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Senile Old Coot
Don't worry that there has been no real progress, because Trumpie has admitted that he welcomes a sequel!

FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers Donald Trump Jr. should have called his agency to report the offer.

But Trump, who nominated Wray to the role in 2017, told ABC News that he disagrees. "The FBI director is wrong." The president added, "Life doesn't work like that."

Asked whether his advisers should accept information on an opponent from Russia, China or another nation or call the FBI this time, Trump said, "I think maybe you do both," expressing openness to reviewing the information.
But, of course, it wouldn't be collusion or foreign influence because... I think it's because he is too dumb to understand. Donnie jr had to get it from somewhere.


Trump: 'I'm not a huge believer in polling'


06/12/2019 09:35 AM EDT

Updated 06/12/2019 02:17 PM EDT
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President Donald Trump on Wednesday revived his attacks on the polling industry, denying reports that his own internal polling has indicated trouble ahead for his reelection bid, even as public polls show warning signs.

The president pushed back on a New York Times story detailing his response to a “devastating” 17-state poll conducted by his internal pollster, and he reiterated that he believes the internal poll circulating was false but offered no evidence to back up his claim.

Trump said that the leak of "phony polls" that showed him lagging behind was "ridiculous," declaring in the Oval Office that to the contrary, "we are winning in every single state that we've polled."

According to the Times, after being briefed on the poll, Trump asked aides to deny that he was trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in several key states. When the toplines of Trump’s internal polls leaked, he reportedly then asked advisers to “say publicly that other data showed him doing well.”
Must be off his meds again...


Well, he doesn't care much: if he can start a war, he'll get reelected for sure.
Yeah there's that. I wonder if he actually believes the lunacy that comes out of his mouth or if he just says it because he knows it will rile up his hardcore base of ultra-nationalist flapdoodles?

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