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The Shipyard of... Mk. II (and probably misc stuff later too come to think of it)

Mark Poe

The majestic cock
After the last shipyard was shutdown due to its owner's terroristic actions, we're opening this subsidiary shipyard here.

Ironically, the previous shipyard after a long time of inactivity there was a recent flurry of renewed orders right before its demise, mainly because someone on AH.com was doing a major reboot on star trek (and I thought it was interesting, so I offered to help in visualizing the starships). So here we are...

(you can find his project here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/star-trek-reboot-series.449774/ )

Basically this thread is so that I don't spam the general art sharing thread...

To begin, with a re-imagining of an iconic ship...

Data (written by Count of Crisco of AH.com):

data said:
Class-Constitution heavy cruiser
Length-255 meters
Height 71 meters
Displacement-193,211 tons standard. >200,000 full load
Armament-twenty two NH type 4 ball phaser turrets arranged in 8 banks. 3 photon torpedo tubes with forty MK 14 sublight and 12 MK 14SKW FTL torpedoes.
Embarked craft-4 type F shuttlecraft, 2 type G shuttlecraft, 4 multirole workbees, 12 excursion suits, 1 Spitefire model warpsled.
Crew-300-500 depending upon mission.

Minimum crew. 300
Thirty five officers-two hundred sixty seven enlisted.

Maximum crew. 500
One hundred officers-four hundred enlisted.

It should be noted that the difference between maximum and minimal crew is due to the role the ship is performing. With three hundred aboard there are enough people to adequately man all the ships systems and keep her running at peak performance. The extra two hundred personnel only enter the equation when the ship is not say acting as part of a battlegroup or patrolling the neutral zone. These two hundred extra are mission specialists. So if for instance the ship is exploring the frontier then you can pack aboard a lot of scientist to investigate any phenomenon you encounter. If your headed to respond to a plague then you can pack two hundred doctors and the space devoted otherwise to labs made into extra sickbay space. Or if you need to move two hundred ground troops you can do so. With the lab space converted to ground vehicle storage and ground combat command centers.

Maximum speed- warp factor 8 for six hours, 9 for one hour
Impulse- one quarter light speed

Defenses- deflector shields, energy, particle and radiation shielding and layers of composite duralanium and titanium armor over the ships vitals and subdivision internally to contain battle damage as much as possible.

Block one ships.
Constitution, Yorktown, Enterprise, Constellation, Invincible, Ark Royal, Black Prince, Hood, Soryu, Yamato, Kongo, Kaga.

The Constitution class heavy cruiser is a development of the Ticonderoga class heavy cruiser introduced in the final months of the four years war in 2445. Maintaining roughly similar combat performance the new class is almost thirty percent more massive than its predecessor in order to mount the newer more powerful RNS-5 spherical cavity Matter/Antimatter reactor and Sabre II warp nacelles, improved crew facilities, expanded science labs and extended endurance and fuel bunkers. Shield strength has also been majorly improved over the Ticonderoga. The ships entered service from 2454-58 with all the original members of the class being named for famous aircraft carriers from the past. Specifically from the blue water navies of the United States, United Kingdom and Japanese empire. A second block of ships was ordered in the 2460s as the Klingon empire began mass production of the D7 battlecruiser. These ships will enter service starting in 2565.
Though given his input (the design went through something like over a dozen revisions, a number of the major) this is more of a licensed design (even in the context of fan content) rather than a domestic design...

Mark Poe

The majestic cock

impulse fighter, different enough from the shuttles I made before that they are effectively a separate thing, so effectively the first fully domestic project.

Mark Poe

The majestic cock

Funny thing is, I hate the mirror universe color scheme (too loud and outrageous IMO)...
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Mark Poe

The majestic cock

You know, I never realize the implications a size difference between a ~600m ship and a ~1500m ship until I made them and put them next to each other...

Mark Poe

The majestic cock

So when I was reimanging the dominion fleet I decided that given the size difference between the bug fighter and the battleship I might as well go with a carrier doctrine with them, because why the fuck not?

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