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The Iron Mask


Bean Daddy

So I remember seeing set photos for this movie a while back then nothing. So apparently it was released in the middle of 2019 and in only five or six countries and was a box office bomb. Looks like their releasing it in the US and UK and I presume some more countries to recoup their losses though I have doubts as it doesn't seem like a good movie, however the smallish budget of 49.1 million does make things easier. Apparently it's a sequel and Arnold and Jackie are only in it for ten minutes supposedly.
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Senile Old Coot
The majority reaction after seeing the trailer:

It looked like at least two different movies, and most of the decipherable plot was "bad person wants thing, possible protagonist wants the bad person to not have the thing" followed by "I think" because it was so poorly edited.

Not surprised that it hasn't done well.
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