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The "I am listening to this song" thread

Inspector Hammer

Keeping with my nostalgia kick, I've been listening to a lot of stuff from when I was first starting to listen to music, regardless of whether or not I actually listened to it at the time (because the first several tapes I bought on my own were, uh...Kenny G. Loved that smooth jazz!) But it's not that hard a choice, because I keep coming back to one song, buoyed by a seemingly simple but extremely well put together music video.

Watch it, and you'll quickly realize why the Dandy Warhols wrote a song called 'Cool as Kim Deal'.


Cutest Mod
I've been liking a lot of recent rap music, especially this one.


Senile Old Coot

Don't know how someone can hit that sweet spot in octaves to sound just like the legendary Johnny Cash, but then otherwise be complete shit as an artist.

If you clicked inside the spoiler, I am sorry. Have a good long listen to good music.



Bean Daddy

Found this while looking up old clips of the Chuck tv show.


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Daya - Insomnia

This song reminds me of how I feel when I'm away from somebody I love. Some of the lines actually make me feel a little creeped out like a horror movie. One of my favorite lines is, "No, I don't want to dream about you. Wish I had my arms wrapped around you."

Estherlivia - I Would Never

This song gives me shivers. Estherlivia sings about a relationship where she doesn't know who to call next? Will they come or let her sink? A great song with some sexy lines and it speaks to me as a woman who fears abandonment.

"C'mon take my problems too. You would never."


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Recently developed an interest in Electro Swing.
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