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Frozen In Carbonite

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The Carbonite Cafe V2 PROJECT


Indentured Artist

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been terribly busy helping my little bro move out to his first job.

I got rained on and now I'm sick. Blergh.

Anyway, testing out V2 with significantly more opaque texturing.

I managed to get dropbox to resent the activation mail, so now it is OK and hopefully you get the bonus you wanted.
Yes it did, thank you. Now it's 4.03 of 4.75 GB used. Should be enough for a while.

Lord Inquisitor Adornable

The Community Outreach Mod


Ain't no bitch who can do it like me
Gesturing animatedly, slightly flushed, spilling the tea on the table in front of me. Perhaps standing up with one hand on the table and another in the air?
As a pale, curly blonde haired androgynous wearing M. Bison's hat. The less clothing the better!

Will dropbox Bluepencil later today.

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