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The Carbonite Cafe V2 PROJECT


Indentured Artist
It looks really good! I like it. Will it end up being colored? That sounds like it'd be awesome.

Also, I just realized. I don't have my sideburns and moustache! My holy face mask is stil incomplete-
You have a mustache? I thought that was JPEG artifacting. :p

Seriously though, profile pic too small. I can't see shite, cap'n.


Indentured Artist
might wanna remove rodyle as she's banned
Uggh. Okay.

The only thing I demand that whatever avatar replaces @Rodyle be a cute girl! :whistle:

Oh remove her to the ban terrarium.

Which one was Rodyle anyway?
It's the tempban terrarium though. :p

Rodyle's the girl on the left on those three on the middle table.

Not to sound annoying, but can I be in the picture please?

Hurry up or I'll banish you to the Freak Zone!
Therefore, you go on the shelf, Mister Bogus.


Self-proclaimed FiC official absinthe provider :)

Here's the reference image.

And Red Blood Cell san.
Just a small warning, the duck is @Rufus Shinra, not… something else, don't let him fool you.
And it looks like a great job @bluepencil, and you'll see that you'll finish it before the year end. (If you have just a tiny space to squeeze a small cat somewhere, I say nothing of course…)

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