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The Avatars & Louie(Avatar & We're Back! An Dinosaur's Story) vs. Avengers and Juni Cortez(MCU and Spy Kids)


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Since my first thread was an flop, this thread will be less confusing than my last one and explained things CAREFULLY.

In this thread, The Avatars and Louie(from We're Back! An Dinosaur's Story, Go check it out) & The 6 core Avengers and Juni Rocket Racer Rebel Cortez(from Spy Kids) will compete in various scenarios and situations from various movies, Which team can succeed in these?

The Avatars: Wan(post-fusion), Kuruk(prime hunter), Kyoshi(novels), Yangchen(comics), Roku(pre-volcano), Aang(S3), Korra(S4) and Louie.


The Avengers:
Iron Man(Civil War), Captain America w/Mjolnir(Endgame), Black Widow(as in her own solo movie), Hulk(pre-Infinity War), Thor w/Stormbreaker(pre-Endgame), Hawkeye(tv series) and Juni Cortez w/gadgets & R.A.P.L.H (Island of Lost Dreams).

The rounds:
  • R1: Stealing the Egg while replacing.
  • R2: Escaping Jurassic Park ALIVE.
  • R3: Finding Sid, Fighting Rudy in the Dinosaur World and stopping the asteroid with Buck.
  • R4: Making to Switchback Cove while fighting Captain Gutt and his crew.
  • R5: Making to Mount Doom to destroying the ring.
  • R6: Saving Cecilia/Alexandria from Lord Shen and stopping his genocide.
  • R7: Saving Cecilia/ Alexandria(again) from Gallaxhar and stopping his invasion(Juni and Louie along with their love interests are about the size of Susan/Ginormica).
  • R8: Exploring Pandora and Na'vi's tribe with RDA.
  • R9: all out fight to the K.O
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