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The Arrival (An Earth and Sky Story)


Cutest Mod
The billowing black smokestacks of the liner was the only thing I could see. It is the only sight of importance that I want to see, especially with the ocean all around me, and will continue to be around me until I reach my destination.

I only sat down and contemplated, the thought of the mission that I was assigned towards swirling around my head. Why did I take this mission in the first place? It seemed quite the foolish choice now, with the information of the place I'm going all the more apparent to me, but considering the reward I would get, I... ugh, it seemed like an offer too good to pass up back then, still is really.

I eventually grabbed a seat, looking at the scenery to pass the time, almost falling into an afternoon nap when someone woke me up.

I shook my head and turned my head. Seeing a man with the most dapper of outfits looking at me.

"My oh my, what do we have here?" He said. "A woman of African Descent I suppose?"

I only ignored him and started walking away. The last thing I want right now is a confrontation with a white man, fighting a white person when I'm about to arrive on my destination is not a recipe that would resonate well with the authorities there. Well, assuming that the authorities themselves aren't already clouded by their perception of me.

"Please, madam! I mean no ill will!" The dapper looking man said. "It is just quite unusual seeing a woman of your... phenotype, I suppose? going into the place we're going to."

"Good Sir." I responded, turning my face towards him. "If you have no ill will, then do not mention anything about phenotypes or race. I did not come to this boat just to be gawked at."

I then turned my head around and walked, leaving the man behind. Being gawked at by white people, while it was fun the first couple of times, it got old, tiring, and really annoying once the years go by and the need to explain to them to stop gawking at me was becoming more routine. This is without mentioning the racists who run the place that I call home for a while now, disgusting bunch of people.

Nonetheless, I went back to my room, opened the window, and decided that I have enough for today. I had some breakfast, played some games with the ladies, much to their chagrin, but I couldn't care less of what they thought of me, and stared at the smoke stacks of the ship. Not much to do when you're traveling as far as I am.

I changed my clothes to my night gown, and, with the sea air billowing through the window. I feel asleep.
I woke up.

I dreamt of adventures that long past by, times when I fought soldiers, creatures, beasts of legends, helped people improve their lives. All of that in the past for now, in a past that I wish I only had a bigger hand playing.

Ah, what the hell, I'm always a runner anyway. Whenever I felt that the people had had enough of me, I ran away. Even if they still wanted my leadership. I always ran away, taking my husband with me whenever I go. I always, always ran away.

And god, fucking gods to demons do I hate it. We came, we saw, we helped, and then we flee. It's... disgusting cycle, a cycle I hope will break sometime soon. But It's a cycle that I seem to keep repeating over and over and over.

And now, it seems that I'm doing the same thing. Running away again, just when my husband needed me the most.

I changed to my night clothes, the time is around 4:45 AM. It is quite late, but it'll do, do some early morning exercises and hopefully, I'll arrive at the city, recover the object, and leave the city with no one the wiser.

I looked at my luggages, a bunch of stuff stored inside the closet of the ship. Mostly just clothing and other items I bought with me for my memories' sake. I am not sure at how I will proceed with the mission, I don't know any points of contacts within the place I'm going to, and it seems that recovering the objective seems to require some form of networking with the locals, locals that may or may not be too bigoted to even talk to me.

But, a mission's a mission. So I changed into my exercise clothing, did some early running jogs within the bow of the ship, took a short shower, and waited for the sun to rise. I'm going to need all the energy and all the vitality I have in order to recover it.

Hmm, now that I thought about it. What should I do? I don't think the man who gave me that mission even hopes for a recovery, especially from someone of... my background.

"So, Madam. I'm sorry for the provocation yesterday. I am just not very aware of the special... circumstances your people encountered."

Oh, this man again. Turning my head towards him, I only stared at him blankly, hoping, sincerely hoping that he would disappear and not bother me forever. Seriously, what are his intentions bothering me out of all people?

Well, I guess I must return the favour at least, maybe chalking up a conversation with him may get him to walk away.

"Yes, special would be underestimating it." I replied. "Good sir, just what is your name anyway?"

"I am Killinger, Peter Killinger madam." He replied. "And what about you?"

"Eve, just call me Eve." I replied.

"Oh, just like in the bible I see. Did... your parents name you because of the bible?"

"Well, I haven't asked my parent for a long time. But I suppose. Now, dear sir, just what motivates you to keep bothering me from yesterday? does having someone of my background really fascinates you to such an extent?"

"Oh dear madam, of course!" He replied. "I am interested in learning many things! particularly with people, I am just absolutely fascinated with how people interact, the different cultures, norms, and traditions! ugh, and meeting someone as exotic as you! well. How could I not indulge myself?"

I only gave a laugh as the man finished explaining the whole thing. "Well, I suppose there is some wisdom in learning from other cultures. I... doubt that those cultures would reciprocate."

"Oh, of course! Isn't it obvious, I understand the many, many difficulties your people encounter during these last few decades, and I am more than willing to do my part to help you get on your feet! well, at least for your case. You seem rather well to do yourself madam."

"Yes, yes I am."

Oh by the gods, this man is so unnerving. I wouldn't mind a conversation with him, but his 'fascination' with those other people groups seemed to veer almost too far. But, perhaps I might have some use for him.

"Mister Killinger. If I may, would you be interested in learning more about the people I came from?"

"Oh, of course madam! I would move heaven and earth to do it!" He replied. Smiling at the opportunity.

"Then would you help me pass immigration then? give me your recommendation and make sure the immigration officer does not commit any grave crimes against me, oh, and also, some lodgings while I get myself acquainted to this new land."

A slight pause from Killinger's voice suggested some hesitancy, but he came through. "But of course! I do have a house in the city where we are arriving. And with my recommendation, I am sure the officer would pass you through, easily!"

"Good, because I think that."

A blaring horn from the ship gave me the cue.

"That we are arriving at our destination. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

"Ah, the Americas! the land of opportunity! opportunities to learn new cultures! to sample the cuisine, to understand their norms! oh, such a wonderful place!"

I only rolled my eyes as the ship slowly makes It's way towards the port. The mission begins now.


Cutest Mod
"Papers please. Papers!" The immigration official sounded. He looked at the paperwork and gave the couple in front of me a pass, hopefully he won't give me too much trouble. I am only here to recover the item and move out, no intention on staying in the United States out of all places, my conversations with the person who gave me this task seems to indicate that this place wouldn't treat people of my race rather well. Regardless, I still have a job to do, and passing immigration is going to be my first task.

"You, n****, papers, now! assuming you have them." The man said, I only complied and gave him a slip of paper, as well as a recommendation from my employer to him. Hopefully it should go through, but if it doesn't. Then, well I do have his help, might as well use it for all It's worth.

The man checked my paperwork. As he was looking at my official documentation, I noticed a couple of things from him. He has a rather chiseled jawline and a tired face, beautiful blue eyes that is shadowed by his tired and baggy eyes. His body form seems to be slumped a little bit, probably tiredness, or perhaps it is deliberate, not too sure myself. There are also multiple scars on his face, probably indicating that he's a war veteran or something. A Civil War Veteran perhaps? maybe, I also noticed a strand of blonde hair eeking out of his hat, and the stench of body odour from him is quite something else. Definitely not a man that you would want to make an enemy towards, not right now.

"Alright Miss Eve." The man finally said. "Why are you here in the United States of America? the paperwork here seems to indicate that you are British Citizen, however unlikely that may be."

"Yes, I am here to recover an object of my master, the Earl of Clarendon. A Sir Arthur Hollywell." I replied. "He seems to forget some items in his estate, and he dispatched me to recover several items of his."

"And what sort of items did he forgot?" The official asked.

"A chalice and some toys for his children that he forgot." I replied. "The duke has... many children, and keeping itinery of his toys is quite taxing."

The official was about to ask another question, opening his mouth and just let out one sentence before he was interrupted by another man.

"Dear Sir! Would you please move it along? Please don't harass this lady too much. She only requests a simple passage! Is that too much to ask for?"

Ah, Peter. Just the right time for an intervention. It seems that I may have to keep my part of the bargain.

"Sir, please don't disrupt the official business of a US Immigration Officer, we are here in order to maintain law and order, and to ensure that the United States is not overrun with vagrants and too much of the n**** race. We already have enough problems with n****** within the United States, and we don't need any more of them right now."

"Sir, if I may voice my thoughts. This good lady would only be within the United States for a short time only. She is here only to gather toys and other trinkets for her master. And, well, please do look at the line Officer, I am sure that you're tired. Letting just one n**** would not be too problematic would it? especially a civilized n**** woman like her."

God I despise that phrase. Regardless, I would need to keep it cool for now. Hopefully this convinces the man to let me in, lest this mission of mine would be dead before it even started.

Unless... unless...

"Fine, Miss Eve, you're in!" He said, formally opening the gates and giving me back my passport. "Just stay in the United States until you get your trinkets back!"

I only give a muted nod and entered the gates, finally clearing immigration and now waiting for this Peter Killinger man to be let in. That immigration officer seems to be rather tired, might be a little bit too tired to ask too many questions. So with that in mind, I only waited for Killinger to get the Green Light, and sure enough. Just moments after I went in, I saw Killinger's now excited face approaching me with his bags on his side. This face, I've only seen it a few times, but it is a face that I've only seen whenever someone is interested in something.

"Alright, you are in, I am in, and now. Let us go to my house and learn more about you!" He said, now dragging my hand as we walked throughout the Philadelphia cityscape.
We arrived at his house. And it is quite larger than I expected, significantly larger. It has a rather immaculate front garden, and just a couple blocks from his house. There is quite an eclectic view of the harbour as well.

This Mister Killinger opened the keys to his house, and welcomed me inside his house. "Please, please come in!" He said, entering the house and finally resting on top of the sofa in the living room.

"Are you tired?" I asked. "You seem to be rather winded from the whole journey."

"Oh please! it is of no consequence Miss Eve. We Killingers have a history of making sure our guests are well taken care of, and considering your offer. Please, stay in this house for as long as you would like Miss Eve! a woman of your background would certainly have many tales, accounts and stories to tell about your culture. Don't you?"

"Well, yes, I am more than happy to entertain you, but perhaps, our conversation would be best served with some food on the table. Some 'native' food perhaps?"

"Oh, yes! what a wonderful idea! I am not sure if I do have the ingredients necessary to cook some African food though. Spices are a rather expensive commodity here in America."

"Don't worry." I replied, opening my suitcase, and showing him what's inside of it. The Man's facial expression turned from happy to giddy in an instant. He hugged me by the shoulder and all but salivated at the goods inside. Spices, tropical vegetables, tropical fruits, and many, many other ingredients I bought from my home. It wouldn't last forever, but, I did pack my food to last as long as possible.

"Well, Madam Eve. If you would like to do the honours." Killinger said, showing me to the kitchen. "Cook away!"


Cutest Mod

In front of me are multiple jars, each of them carrying a sort of spice or cooking ingredient from my place of origin. Oils, spices, the complete works.

“What is it dear madam? is there something that you require?”

“Yes. I do need some meat to marinate and cook. I know that I do have rice, and cooking rice isn’t that hard. But, would you be kind enough to buy me some meat? any meat is preferable, but I do like Chicken the most.” I then looked at him as his facial expression slowly changed, from interest in my ingredients to a solemn understanding of my needs. His eyebrows are raised, his face drooped down from the almost giddy smile he had just a while ago, and his eyes peered through me like an eagle looking at his prey.

“Alright then! I shall get it for you.” He said, walking out of the house immediately afterwards, almost jumping as he walked out of the house. In all my life, I’ve barely met anyone that could top him off in terms of quirkiness. I swear, someday he will either be the death of me, or my salvation.

Well, enough of him. Might as well prepare the marinate while I wait.

Well, might as well prepare the ingredients to marinate the chicken in the meantime. I readied the spice rub, a mixture of spices within those many jars. Looking at all those ingredients, the curdy texture of the yoghurt mixed with the visibly yellow colouring of the curry powder, as well as the thick brown of the Garam Masala. My face turned soft as I smiled, looked at the various ingredients I've mixed, while I would reason that most people here would think that this is some glorified sludge. This is home for me, the strong but aromatic smell of the spices, the bright yellow colouring of the mixture, the feeling of the mixture coating the meat. Generally all good stuff all around.

With the spice mix finished, I proceeded to try my hand at cooking some rice first, obviously, I washed the rice to clean it, mixing my hands along with the now cloudy waters of the rice, rinsing it, and then filling the rice once more with water. Once finished, I proceeded to grab a pot, a particularly large one that I found in one of the cupboards, filled it with rice, and when all is done, poured the rice into the pot. I smiled as the long grains of the rice formed an almost trickling sound, as if a rain of stones are dropping from the sky as it hits the bottom of the pot. With that over with, I threw down some spices into the pot, and after several lookarounds at the pot. It looks like the rice is ready to be cooked.

I looked at the palm of my hand, and opening the latched door on the stove, found that it was filled with wood. Smiling at myself, I outstretched my hand into the wood, chanted several things, and spontaneously a piece of wood combusted. Is that my first use of magic since I’ve arrived here? hmm, possibly.

Closing at the latched door, all I can do right now is just wait. The rice is cooking, and it seems that this Killinger person is taking his time to buy the chicken. Might as well put the jars on the cupboards while he is-

“I have arrived!!”

I quickly shifted my head towards the kitchen’s entrance, shocked at the sudden announcement, my eyes are wide open, ready to survey any potential threats, even my hands are readying up stored mana in case the person’s stupid enough to assault me.

Only to find a Peter Killinger that brought in quite a few ingredients, several vegetables and a whole chicken.

“Worry not milady. For I have arrived.” He declared. “I bought you your chicken, as well as other ingredients that might be to your interest.”

“By the gods. Killinger, why did you do that? I could’ve killed you instantly if I were any twitchier.”

“Oh, real sorry there miss.” He replied. “Just getting this chicken and thought you would’ve liked it.”

“Well, of course I do. But try to make your announcements more grounded. I would’ve casted a spell on you if you weren’t lucky.”

“Oh. Is Miss Eve here a mage?” He asked. “Most interesting! I never thought people of the n**** race could cast spells!”

I only rolled my eyes as I grabbed the chicken from Killinger’s hand, put it on the table and began cutting it up. Might as well get this over with.
“Well miss Eve. That dish is just wonderfully splendid! I never thought mixing chicken in with a mix of spices like that could taste so good! you have to share your secrets to me.”

I continued eating the curry rice, not really giving Killinger any sort of attention. The taste of the curry chicken mixed with the rice is enough to fill my mind with home, or the thought of home anyway. God, I’ve only been here for barely a day and I’m already missing home already. The people, the food, the sights, the events. All of it.

“Excuse me. Excuse me? Miss Eve?”

I broke out of my food eating trance, now staring up at Mr Killinger again. I turned my eyes downwards, back to my food, and it seems that the plate’s empty.

“Oh, sorry. I was too busy eating food. It still tastes amazing even after hundreds of miles out. I’m kind of homesick. Sorry.”

“Of course! travelling hundreds of miles out to this strange land. I would feel rather homesick myself.” Killinger replied. Smiling at me. “Pray tell, where do you exactly come from madam? you look like a n****, but I can tell that this food isn’t from the dark continent.”

I cringed whenever he said I am a n****, it seems to be such a casual thing for him as well. Well, Eve, when this mission’s finished, I might as well try to make him act a bit more less racist, but considering everything present in this environment. I severely doubt it.

“The question is a bit complicated.” I replied. “Yes, I do come from Africa, but I don’t necessarily live there anymore. It has been such a long time since I stepped foot in that continent, you might as well label me as an Indian at this point. I left the continent in my travels, and reached the city of Calcutta along with my husband, you can probably guess what happened after that.”

“I see. You were once an African Woman, but then you migrated to India, why do you do so? and what is this about becoming a servant to an Englishman?”

“Well, It’s a bit more complicated once you add who my master is. But to keep a long story short, there is an agency that I joined during the early days of British rule on the continent, and I was assigned a master. A master that is currently giving me this assignment.”

“Ah, yes! that assignment, well. I do not want to be a troublesome individual for you. But perhaps I can show you the lodgings for your stay here. I still remember that little deal we forged a while back.”

“Ah, yes.” I only nodded my head towards him and we went upstairs. He opened the door and what greeted me was quite something. A table with a mirror in front of it, most likely for storing makeup, a rather spacious bed, with a white immaculate linen fabric covering the mattress. The room itself is quite spacious, with multiple windows overlooking the streets below it, it appears that this Mr Killinger is either quite generous, or he is an abnormality among the British People.

“Well, I suppose I have to thank you for the room Peter. I will make sure that some sort of repayment will be arranged.”

“Oh, please please don’t. Your knowledge of culture and other exotic aspects of the east is more than enough payment for this room! so please, I will leave you to your devices, and well, I shall see you throughout the house.”

He then bid me farewell and closed the door. My facial expression immediately changed as he closed the door, with me visibly smiling for the first time ever since I went through this journey. I unclothed myself, with the illusion spell unveiling my more… revealing clothes that were just underneath an illusion of dresses and suits. I dropped my body straight into the bed, and immediately woke up again. Shoot! there is something that I need to check first.

There is a small suitcase in the room, quite an elongated suitcase with multiple locks around it. For anyone unobserved, this is a quite ordinary suitcase, but once I opened the suitcase, the contents inside were revealed to me.

Yearning. The infamous sword that I’ve kept ever since that journey, the very sword that has kept me through thick and thin, my other companion other than my husband that is. Quite a powerful little weapon in the hands of the correct user, and no one knows how to use this sword more than myself.

I have been using this sword for thousands of years after all.

Taking Yearning out, putting it aside on the floor, I searched the luggage, where is it, where is it, it has to be here, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to- Aha, there it is! A piece of paper from my ‘master.’

I opened the slip, and sure enough.

Mother Eve.

I am sure that this letter would be a surprise for you. But please take this well, I am just here to inform you that the Ministry has set up a special contact for you within Philadelphia, she will be your guide throughout the mission, and I can only hope that the Civil Servants at the Ministry has done their jobs well at screening your guide. America poses an… interesting challenge for Ministry activities there.

Look for a person named Carolina Evans. She lives in Northern Philadelphia, somewhere in lower north Philadelphia, she knows the city very well, and is one of the few magicians this town has. Rumour has it she is a Head Witch of a local mage circle, so please do not anger her in any way, shape or form.

We can only hope that whoever stole Excalibur will be brought to justice, one way or the other.


Arthur Pendragon, 149 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NT, United Kingdom

Ah, typical Arthur, always uptight and never leaves any room for pleasantries in his writing. I can only giggle a little as I read the letter, perhaps he is quite afraid of angering me, considering who I really am. It might be possible, my dear husband always tell me about how I look aloof and rather uncaring for the average person.

Well, at least he has the courtesy of writing me this letter, now I know my contact, and perhaps we can get Arthur’s sword as fast as possible. I dropped my body on the bed yet again, and closed my eyes, I’ve got a date with my contact tonight and I have no intention of letting my sleepiness get a hold of me.
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