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Terra's destiny: Prelude to war (XCOM/Stargate)

Chapter 1
"The cost of live of last months Chicago and Peking attacks is estimated to lay in the tens of thousands. Additionally damage to the energy grid saw state wide blackouts in Idaho and Utah. After the energy supply had been reinstated, hundreds were reported missing. Following this event President Lawdon decided to include local militia forces to local police units while reinforcing the nation wide martial la-"

The channel was changed.

"Today Brigadier General Theresia Von Strache will be rewarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross for her bravery and decisiveness during the Frankfurt attack that resulted in thousands of lives saved. She will be the first German to be awarded this medal since the end of the Second World War. Sources claim that she will receive the Medal together with a promotion to regional commander of the Ruhr, from Chancellor Schröder himself. Furth-"

A sudden flash in the night sky distracted Jack from the news about some german general being awarded.

Peering into his telescope, he quickly observed the event. What he saw made him violently curse.

Jumping up from his hobby, he darted over to his desk to snatch his walky-talky. It could be nothing theoretically, but he was not relying on the universe granting them a good day. It never did.

He quickly pressed the alarm button before speaking into his radio.

"Jim!" "Jack? What's the matter?"

"They're coming Jim! Gather the boys and get the women and children somewhere safe!"

"Are you sure? This is the third this week you've given an alarm, and so far they've been a no show."

"Damnit Jim! I'm not kidding, we have at most ten minutes ti-"

The sudden roar of distant explosions, most likely originating from the AA batteries up north, interrupted their conversation.

"I'm getting the boys."

Jack cut the transmission and whipped around, not content on wasting any more time.

Leaping down the stairs, he ran to his weapons box and ripped it open.

Inside was an AR-15, with a magazine already loaded. Piling in plenty of reserve mags into his backpack, he moved on and shoved two Glocks into his army belt together, with two large combat knifes.

Just six months ago such an arsenal would've earned him a police visit, but not anymore.

Darting to the desk in his living room, he snatched a spare satchel and stuffed six molotov cocktails he had readied for exactly this occasion.

The homemade ethanol and rag bombs weren't exactly frag grenades, but they were better than nothing.

The man smiled grimly while he slung the satchel over his backpack. What had worked against Ivan for the Finns would hopefully work for him as well.

Shoving a couple of additional Magazines for both his AR and his Glocks into his belt and pockets, he readied himself to move out.

If ET wanted either a piece of him, this town, or the far to few fish in his lake outside, they would need to first fight their way past him!

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