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Senile Old Coot
Can we have a sarcobite like? Appropiate for those special shitposts.
Nah! We just use "informative" sarcastically.

Besides, then we all should have one, and I don't see any hammer and sickle "Communism approved" reaction. Or even a much more popular "gulag" reaction.

And mostly because you are far too terrible of a troll. Too many serious posts railing against what you perceive as injustices. Sad!


Can we have a "slug match" board? Basically containment for flame wars where two or more users can "take it outside" and roast each other without derailing threads with flames.


Well-known member
I can see in it; in the future there will be posters saying things like, "I'm gonna rate this post Rufus out of Rufus, the baguette is strong here I simply have to surrender."
That's called "Doing a Rufus".

So @Horton, what about my proposition? I have the only argument you need: you'll become THE Cat of Belgium, a prominent member of the Royal family. Deal? 😼


Though seriously is there anything we can do about this black on charcoal highlight color? Under some lighting conditions it's impossible to notice.
Is this better now?

The selection colour might be adjusted in the future; I tried to match whatever Chrome was doing in the plain text editor but the hue came out darker (it's different on other browsers, though? hmm). But this might be ok because the rich text editor's background is also slightly darker than the plain text one.

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