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Star Trek: Lower Decks


Bean Daddy
Seems better than Picard and Discovery though seems a little cringey. Also a lot more adult than I expected.


Senile Old Coot
So, here's the thing:

1) CBS All Access only. Both Netflix and Amazon gave this a hard pass, leading to point 2
2) Yeah, so it is US only until someone pirates this.
3) Because it is US only, the only way to even see the trailer is to use a proxy because CBS geoblocked the trailer everywhere else.
4) Sorry, but when I said "I guess" in my last post, I meant that it looked (like many have said) like Rick and Morty in Space. Some may want that, not me.
5) Apparently I am not alone. The other shows had their weaknesses and critics, but CBS got rid of the Like/Dislike numbers after the dislikes far surpassed the likes. Even when it was kind of popular to hate on Discovery S1 because of the weak start there was not this much backlash.

This is going to bomb. If for no other reason than the fact that catering only to a specific segment of the US is not enough to sustain any show.


Well-known member
This looks like star trek rick and morty. That said I am probably not going to see it. My Mother has netflix I have disney because we both wan't to see mandalorian and I wan't to see Hamilton I don't think either of us are going to pick up another service just for one series that I might like.
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