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Slow forum + Annoying bar


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Horton told me to post this here. I was talking to an SB user about why they don't have an account here, and they had this to say:


I figured this was the kind of thing the admins would want to know. @Vorpal @Horton


I've just messed with some addons with aim of reducing JavaScript footprint, which will hopefully make the pages load a bit faster on slower machines.
Let me know if it makes any noticeable difference. Or doesn't. It's more concerning if it doesn't, actually.


@Skeletickles BTW some theme colours are customisable on the bottom of the page, with a little button to the right of the the Carbonite theme, along with some other options. I don't want to mess with the defaults just yet, but some of the colour choices available there might be more or less offensive to one's taste.
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