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Site Suggestions Thread

I presumed it could just go into general for now, but it's possible we might change it slightly in the future and sync things more out inline with other sites.
It depends what this site wants to be. We may have barely any writers - or barely any members for what matters - right now, but it may change in the future, and perhaps you want to include more features that support creative writing, like filters that skips the discussion and notify you only when a new chapter is in, or tags per content / source material etc. (which in turn require some effort because SV have tags but are used as memes half of the time).
Is there a chance that the current logo will be replaced so that the site doesnt look like it happened during the OBS saga
Fair enough request, that logo was user made. If anybody wants to make another logo then they can feel free to.
It was rendered at a low resolution to facilitate site loading, as the logo should always be loaded almost simultaneously with the site. The planet could be improved, but otherwise there isn't much that could be done without raising the resolution or going to a stylized logo.
I'd like to suggest rule 5 include genocide committed against groups of a particular belief.

I've met several Jewish people who wouldn't describe themselves as racially Jewish, just religiously so and they'd still end up in the holocaust.
Oh and I would REALLY like depressed/disappointed sigh emoji.

That's always the sentiment I'm trying to convey through text, but no site ever has it.

Super ultra bonus points if there's a relaxed/satisfied sigh too.

I sigh alot in normal speech if you couldn't guess.

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