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Setting riff: A traumatised world - the apocalyptic reveal of magic


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This party never stops!
Time is dead, and meaning has no meaning!
Existence is upside down, and I reign supreme! Welcome one and all, to...


Basically, a demon was summoned. Not the small kind that lurks in the forgotten corners or haunted houses. Not the kind that is summoned by jealous and angry teens.

This is the big one. The world-ending kind. He gained physical form, enhancing his bonding to the material plane. And unleashed. Think god-Emperor joker. Think The Decimation, from X-men. Think Weirdmageddon, from Gravity falls. On a global scale. The first thing he did was announce himself to the entire world, on every channel, in every mind. Then the sun died. Rivers transformed into blood, and flowed uphill. Inanimate objects gained sentience, gained life, began moving and started doing their own thing. Think of a car growing fangs, a mouth, and eyes, and chasing after unfortunates to eat them. Think of plates and cutlery deciding to kill the people who were using them. Think of shops and buildings gaining sentience, deciding they didn’t like people, and started to eat them. Things gained life and moved. Cows and sheep grew tentacles and laser eyes and began rampaging. Trees stood up, and began to kill campers. The Sun turned black. Then purple. Then blue. Then green. Then red. Then it disappeared. Fish started talking and walking on land. The stars transformed into eyes, and glared upon the human race. Statues began to walk, killing where they could. The internet crashed. All manner of monsters, beasts, ghosts, and demons, were unleashed on the human race. His... friends.

It was hell on earth. It lasted for 6 months.

Eventually, he was banished and imprisoned, never to go come back. And a spell was done, to reverse all he had done. All who was injured or dead during the apocalypse, whether dead, starved, injured, petrified, transformed into waste filtration systems... were reversed. The destroyed buildings were mostly repaired. And everyone was mostly restored back to their previous forms, before he broke loose.


Problem is, everyone remembers. And everyone can look up into the sky, and see the new planets the demon brought in for nostalgia. Or look out the window, and see a double-headed swallow one of the monsters made. Or walk in the fields, and see the predatory lily snag an unlucky rat or bear. The laws of physics are permanently altered, with magic now becoming prevalent, and the invasion by ghosts and demons are now far easier. Some buildings remain either damaged, or are still warped (i.e. murderous and predatory. Mostly the abandoned ones). Entire regions are now warped, with strange laws of physics that make them rather hostile to mundane life

So you’ve got a planet with altered physical laws. A world with monsters, demons, and spirits. Regions where physics broke entirely, and an entire population that’s been totally traumatised. What happens next?

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