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SB most hated.


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The Christian mawreens from Victoria fight the infamous Slaving draka. Draka tech level is WW2 while only having Africa.
Christian Mawreens in this fight are post Victory over Azania.

Who wins? One group of assholes or the other?
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The Draka win.

The Christian Marines are incompetent idiots with a horrible military doctrine who turn down advantages. The WWII Draka have a massive industrial economy and even with the disadvantage of using slavery, the sheer scale they operate on allowed them to match their universes USA. The Victoria verse USA is in economic ruins and struggling to recover after fighting multiple civil wars, endemic banditry and a technological collapse. And the government they're at war with actively purges advanced technology for ideological reasons.

This is a stomp for the Draka. Unlike their enemy states, the Darkans have an actual navy. By WWII they have carriers and have already shown a willingness to gas cities into compliance. They start landing in the neutral New York Area or the at war Confederacy and reenact the Eurasian War against stupider opponents. The christian marines lose hard since the Draka actual use their tanks and airplanes effectively, actively use combined arms, care about logistics, and have a experience fighting bushmen partisans who use the same tactics the CM use. The Draka are at this point very good at colonising new territories and dealing with the guerrilla warfare of the native population, and since the area they're invading has a regime that makes moving around as difficult as possible.

For common sense sake's, the Draka use blitzkrieg tactics and are invading a region full of highways ruled by a government that heavily restricts motor vehicles and has consciously chosen to use tanks worse than anything the Draka use.

The Draka are out of universe seen as unrealistic because of their hypercomptent and that their enemies are unusually stupid when it comes to dealing with them. The Christian Marines are dumber that anyone in the Drakaverse and are unrealistic because they win despite their incompetent. The CM lose horribly the moment they go up against a competent opponent, and the Draka are definitely this.
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Yea, the Draka dumbness comes from the incredible strategic convenience their enemies give them and their system never falling apart on itself the moment they're overextended (which is a lot of the time), and their author-fiat advancement rate. They got the ability to train everyone up and equip them to high level despite the basic form of their society (and even then one push at one of several obvious times and they'd fall over).

Oddly, the first Draka book I read had them lose. Drakon.
That one (... which I also read, before knowing about the wider Draka series) is fairly different than the rest, being basically Predator 2 with an evil redhead from an evil alternate universe in the modern day.

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