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Saving Grace (quest)



What's bugging you?
It feels like waking up, but it is not. It is more like a sudden return to consciousness, a switch being flipped. One moment you are not, the next moment you are.

Distressingly, you have no memories, and yet somehow you know things. You know language, you know the names of objects and actions. You know how to do things, and can feel the muscle memory itching in your arms. And yet, you remember learning none of it. You know you should remember being in school. That you should remember parents, a childhood, perhaps walks in a park. None of it. You know what a park is, and what it should look like... but you never remember being in a park, and you certainly don't see one here.

No, what you see is a stark white room. Behind you a box that looks like some sort of high tech coffin retreats into the wall with a quiet hiss. Above you sterile lights glow with a soft whiteness, and below you green lights flicker on and off on the ground. This room doesn't have many features, the ghost-white walls would not look out of place in the most boring clinic waiting room in existence.

The one door in the room is made of some sort of metal, and appears to open by sliding into the wall, if you're understanding the handle correctly. Behind you the coffin finishes recessing, and you hear a soft hum as a panel slides out of the wall to cover it. Lovely.

[]Take a quick stock of yourself.
[]Leave the room and try to figure out what's going on.


[]Take a quick stock of yourself.


Valley Girl
[x]Take a quick stock of yourself.
Like, wouldn't it be good to know what u look like and have a chance to collect your feelings and thoughts? I feel like if u don't remember nothing and wake up in the most boring waiting room in existence u should take a breather and not immediately upset whoevs is out there with leaving the room.
(Remembered what I was going to do with this, hah!)


What's bugging you?
[]Take a quick stock of yourself.
You glance down at yourself to confirm your anatomy, only to discover that it doesn't match what little memory you have of it. You remember having a medium brown skin, but right now your skin is more of a
[]Pale white
[]Still medium brown, but covered in bloody bandages.
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Bloody bandages


What's bugging you?
You're covered in bandages and one of those green paitent outfits. You feel goosebumps in the chilled air.

You've got a mark from an IV in your hand, and you still have some of those sending pads glued to you body... Are you in a morgue? You glance at the recessed pannels set into doors in the wall. Likely holding similar 'coffins' to yours.

You shiver to yourself. Yes, this looks a little like a morgue.

[]Try to open the pannels
[] Leave through the door.


Bean Daddy
[X] Leave through the door.
Leaving? So soon?


What's bugging you?
You open the door to reveal a short hallway. The hallway's in pretty rough shape: The overhead lights are flickering, and some electrical wires are hanging from holes in the ceiling. Water is falling from one of these holes in the ceiling in a steady spray, and the puddle on the floor has almost reached your door. For a moment you think you see a bloody mark on the floor, leading to the left, but the water overtakes it.

There's six doors in the hall. One at the far left, one at the far right. Two across from you, and two on your side. The ones across from you are slightly ajar, and appear to contain similarly boring rooms to the one you are currently in. You suspect that the other one on your side is the same way. So that leaves going to the left, towards the possible bloody mark on the floor, or to the right away from it. Or you could try to climb into the ceiling, and maybe find a way to fix that leaking pipe.

[]Left door
[]Right door.
Left Door


What's bugging you?
You open the left door to revel a room full of thick red and mold. Red jelly like water leaks from the walls like blood. The door on the other side of the room, barely visible behind a privacy curtain is securely shut. An operating table sits in the middle of the room. Suddenly you are on it, devices are beeping next to you. You see someone in a doctor's outfit looming over you, then you scream in pain. When you come to you're sitting on the floor by the operating table. You look around the room and find a number of scalpels and a syringe. You find an instrument bag under the surgical table, and you put them in a bag to collect them.

A further inspection of the room reveals that there's a dilapidated computer against one of the walls, leaking red mold. The text on the screen is a hard to read shade of green on green. "Is anyone there?" It seems to ask for a moment, before glitching and blanking out.

As you step over to the computer, you pass by the open door behind the privacy screen.

"Input text?" The computer asks.

[]Input Text
[]Door behind the Privacy Curtain
[]Right door at the far end of the hall.


Ain't no bitch who can do it like me
What in the.
Am I suffering from a headache?
I don't like the idea of 'outing' ourselves. These guys did experiments on us, or we're already crazy. Could be both. Do we make other people aware that we're alive?

On the other hand, information is always good. Even false information.

[x]input text.
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