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Saving Grace (quest)

It feels like waking up, but it is not. It is more like a sudden return to consciousness, a switch being flipped. One moment you are not, the next moment you are.

Distressingly, you have no memories, and yet somehow you know things. You know language, you know the names of objects and actions. You know how to do things, and can feel the muscle memory itching in your arms. And yet, you remember learning none of it. You know you should remember being in school. That you should remember parents, a childhood, perhaps walks in a park. None of it. You know what a park is, and what it should look like... but you never remember being in a park, and you certainly don't see one here.

No, what you see is a stark white room. Behind you a box that looks like some sort of high tech coffin retreats into the wall with a quiet hiss. Above you sterile lights glow with a soft whiteness, and below you green lights flicker on and off on the ground. This room doesn't have many features, the ghost-white walls would not look out of place in the most boring clinic waiting room in existence.

The one door in the room is made of some sort of metal, and appears to open by sliding into the wall, if you're understanding the handle correctly. Behind you the coffin finishes recessing, and you hear a soft hum as a panel slides out of the wall to cover it. Lovely.

[]Take a quick stock of yourself.
[]Leave the room and try to figure out what's going on.
[x]Take a quick stock of yourself.
Like, wouldn't it be good to know what u look like and have a chance to collect your feelings and thoughts? I feel like if u don't remember nothing and wake up in the most boring waiting room in existence u should take a breather and not immediately upset whoevs is out there with leaving the room.

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