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Salbazier's Random Blather about Salbazier's Gastronomic Consumption


Cutest Mod
Kobe flour :p

More seriously, 'Kobe' is a brand not a type. I dunno, try asking 'flavoured flour to fry food'.
I asked that, but all I got are blank stares.

But yeah, tepung kobe, while common back home, is apparently missing in Asian Markets.


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I asked that, but all I got are blank stares.

But yeah, tepung kobe, while common back home, is apparently missing in Asian Markets.
Nobody export them I guess. *shrug* business opportunity.?

Step 1: Start your own exporter company.
Step 2: Buy some tepung kobe.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit


I'd probably be labeled as the perfidious Chinese trying to take over American jobs if I do so :p:ROFLMAO:
Don’t be silly. Only Albion can be perfidious.


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Just finished (a very late) lunch. Marugame delivery via GoFood: Curry + Chicken meatball.

With a dash of shredded nori. (There's this was restaurant I found some time ago that use nori on their curry. That was novel and so far they are the only one who did)


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I got diarrhea...

Was it today's lunch wonton? It can't be right?




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I want quality Ramen, but I don't want to drive more than 10 minutes.... #thestruggle
Order a delivery?

On a different topic, last week I found a brand of caramel-flavored that sell less than a USD for a big pack. That's damn cheap. Even other brands in store could sell for about twice as expensive for less content. And in theater a small box of caramel popcorn cost something like 3-4 USD equivalent of IDR. I've been snacking lots of them caramel popcorn since the discovery. It's been like, what maybe even more than a decade since i last caramel popcorn. I never bought them since forever because how expensive it is normally. I've forgotten how yummy this is~~


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Tried rendang burger. And hmm, rendang sauce is tasty sure, but it is not quite fit with burger patty.


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What's it is with the fad of salted egg sauce everywhere (in Indonesia). KFC had it. Indomie had it. New places offering salted egg sauce popping up like mushrooms.

Give it honest try twice. Taste rather disgusting in my opinion. Actual salted egg yolk is yummy. I like it. And sometime I ago I found that smoked salted egg is a thing. It's good. Salted sauce tho? Bleh.


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Crossposting from SV:
Today my mother was having a surgery. Thankfully it was not something major. Further thanks, it went without a hitch. Well, the process itself that is. The surgery need to be delayed until 3-4 hours behind the scheduled time, due to my mother cannot stop defecating after the prep longer than what was expected, so they skipped a turn ahead. Process is smooth sailing enough though, and the hospital is a good one, including its room facilities.

Now we just need to wait on the lab analysis of the removed tissue, and her recovery.

I left the hospital in the evening, switching watch post with my elder brother. I slept as soon as I arrived, because I didn't really got any sleep the night before while waiting on my mother.

Woke up to a leg cramp, ouch, ouch. It last longer than its normally do as well. My half woke mind remembers reading that I need to keep the leg straight or somesuch and pull the foot up, but uh, trying to command the cramped leg to do so does no good for the cramp. To use my hand to pull on my foot requiring me to rise to sitting position, which hard to do while cramp as well. In hindsight should have tried to swing down from the bed. Anyway, I ended up doing nothing other than trying to command the leg to relax and wait it out.

On the silver lining, with that duration, I was expecting worse post-cramp pain than normal as well, but it turns out even lighter than what I would expect from a shorter duration cramp. Still, I'm not feeling like going out for dinner (the rain season weather is bad enough already)

Go-Food to the rescue! (fyi, food delivery service branching out from a ridehailing service) ... I was having hard time deciding what I want though.

I've been trying to add more fibers to my diet this few weeks, and I haven't really go any yesterday, so I've been trying to add as much as I can today. In the late morning I had a random mix of vegetables from an eatery next door (if I say they sell buffet-like style, it is understandable what I mean?) with just small portion of rice and one perkedel . In the afternoon ... I didn't really eat. Just a unicorn flavor ice cream cornetto (https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/food/7136698/unicorn-cornettos-are-the-most-magical-thing-weve-seen-this-year-but-theres-a-catch/) and a slice of watermelon (but at least that's some fruit).

Thus for dinner I've been craving for some good stuff with decent veggie. But what was to order. Thankfully, Go-Food is offering a free delivery cost promotion. There's a list of shops that I can order without extra cost (well, beyond the surcharge the put on menu price anyway), a long one. I went and went over the list. I want something with vegetable, but I want something good. But I don't want to spend too much either. There's place with good menu, but the price is more than what I'm willing to spend at the moment. There's a place with decent menu, but their price is too high for what it offers. There's a place with cheap menu, but I'm not sure how good they are. There's a place with interesting menu and decent price ... but said menu don't have enough vegetable on it. And there's plenty of places with unappealing menu!

Okay scrolling down the list of shops for almost an hour is fruitless, and I don't get any less hungrier with time. I switched tactic. I'm usually pretty easily agreeable with soup dishes, so I instead searched for soup dishes and went over the result list. Hmm, some unappealing choices, some nice but pricey choices. After some soup-searching, I decide I'm interested enough for a beef rib soup. There's a place that offer one, complete with rice, at 42k IDR (that's a bit less than 3 USD). There's another place that offer at cheaper price ... but it don't come with rice included. The first option, then. But wait! There's yet another place that offer at cheaper price, and not just complete with rice, it also come with assortment of crackers and pickles. This is it!

Not too long after, the order arrived at my door (And yep, it's a good choice) While eating, maybe because I went through such a pickle in choosing my order, I was reminded of Kodoku no Gourmet . So I turn in to watch some episode of Kodoku no Gurume. Considering the premise, it is quite the appropriate companion to my dinner, I'd say.

Tis quite an eventful day.

Now, I just need to finish a post for philosophical debate on infinities and morality in a PMMM quest, and then I can hit the bunk. Or maybe I can do that in the morning instead.

As a closing, a quote from Kodoku no Gourmet:
Today, in Salbazier no Gourmet.

Woke up late this morning, ruining my own plan for breakfast. Since I was pressed for time, I just hurried to the hospital on empty. But after ordering taxi, while waiting it to arrive, it occured to me buy a cup of hot tea at next door eatery, and while at it some perkedels.

Arriving at the hospital, there's food court right next to lobby. So i decided to buy and eat small boxed rice. Nasi kuning with chicken curry, half a boiled egg, and some boiled vegetables. It's a bit pricey for its portion size, but it is delicious. The food court in this hospital serve good food. As matter of fact, i sometimes stop by in this hospital just to eat the food sell in its shops.

That's the food sell in the shops tho. The food given to patients, well, you know how it is hospital food. I ate some noodles two nights that my mother didn't finish. It is bland. (Fruits are good though). Today too, there's some porridge that my mother didn't ate, but I'm feeling like eating it either.

Lunch time. First I try to go the usual food court again. But, boy, what a crowd. No seats, with queu of dozen people. Well, lunch hour, what can you do.

But it happens there's another food court in this hospital. Let's try go there instead.

And yep, there is some empty seats here. Good so far, but what I should eat? Soto? No. Javanese noodle? Nope as well. Fried rice? Naah. Something with more veggies could be nice... After mulling over i decided to order a seafood Sapo tahu with rice.It seems the one served here come with decent amount of veg, and tofu is healthier than meat.

I took seat, drink some Teh botol I bought earlier while waiting for my order. When, it come, hmmm, this is not bad per se but its not particularly special either. I think a restaurant near my home sell better sapo tahu, even if theirs come with less vegetables. And, yuck, i hate un-deveined shrimp. Sometimes I tried my best to pretend the shit isn't there. But the ones in this just look extra shittier. Yuck. I end up leaving out most of the shrimp, even though shrimp is my favorite.

Dinner time. Now this time its a good one!

So, I went down again to the food court. This time, I haven't intended to buy food for myself yet. My mother can already eat solid food, and she's been craving for some waffel. So that's what I'm aiming to buy.

Once there however, while queing I realized I don't have much cash left. Yabai. The cashier here won't accept paying with my debit card unless it achieve some minimal amount. So I decided to just grab food for myself as well, grabbing quickly some food next to the cashier. That's turn out to be a good choice, because I can feel myself starting to get hungry while on my way back.

What I grabbed was a boxed (actually it's a bowl, but you got the idea) kaarage rice, with some spinach and scrambled egg. It's some sort of an oyakodon I guess. Its turn out to be very tasty. The spinach its the best I've tasted. I wonder how they cook it. The chicken kaarage itself is also good. The kaarage is floavored with onion and dark sauce. Ah teriyaki style? Or this is how normally kaarage seasoned? I am not sure if I've had kaarage before (I heard they often use chicken thigh, and I am not fond of thigh, so I never bothered ordering them in japanese restaurants) so I don't know. Either way, it's delicious.

For desert, I am having some of the butter cake given by a visiting guest. Eating it now while finishing this post. Ahhh butter cake make me thinks of Ctholly.
Today, in Let's Talk About Our Food

I stayed from the previous night in hospital with my mother, switching turn with my brother. Today she can be released from the hospital. Everything has been smooth sailing since the surgery.

After pre-dawn prayer, I was feeling a bit peckish so I went to look for something to eat. The food court is unfortunately if naturally still closed. Having no other choice, I head to a minimart (Indomaret). I've eaten cup noodles two days ago, but I thought its fine to grab another one. So I did. Previously, I had Mie Sedaap (Mie Sedaap), cup noodle form, fried noodle flavor. So for this morning, I decided to have Pop Mie, Indomie's brand for their cup noodle line, meatball flavor. I've had some people across told me that Mie Sedaap have better flavor. But, having giving test to some Mie Sedaap producst (albeit just the cup noodles) I don't think that's right. Indomie, or Pop Mie in this case, is still better. Case in point the meatball flavor cup noodle of each line. I've had meatball cup noodle from Mie Sedaap several times before, it being sold right next to my faculty back in univ so it was perfect for a quick hot snack. I do think it was tasty, but their taste was rather to ... powering? Felt its artificialness? Compared to Pop Mie meatball, which taste is more ... harmonious? Well, it's just better.

I also bought some corned beef, since its been a long time since I've had any. Only after I finished the corned I realized that I'm supposed to cut down on meat. (my mother told to cut red meat, and not processed meat. But really processed meat is more dangerous than fresh red meat, that if I have to cut down on the latter, I may as well cut on the former) Ah well. Once in a while its still fine I suppose.

Late in the morning, I head to the hospital's food court, now already open. I was aiming to buy another bowl of ready eat kaarage rice like yesternight's. But, I'm out of luck. I can't see that kaarage anywhere. When I asked the staff about it, turn out they don't deliver kaarage on Sunday. Ahhh. Well, what do you do. Having lost my aim, I wander about the food court a bit, musing on my choices. I ended up decided to order a chicken kung pao instead.

When I my chicken kung pao arrived, it turned out to be quite hot. I don't mean just hot in chili sense, but also in temperature sense. I did wanting some hot food to warm up in the cold morning, but this combination was a bit much. Stirring and mixing the rice with the chicken help cool it down however. Once it cooled a bit I dug in. It's quite tasty. Eating nuts in rice is unusual, but its good. I wonder what's this vairety of cabai/lombok they are using in it? It seems to be darker than the one I normally see, and it wasn't as pungent as well; or was it darker because it friend in the sauce?

After finishing said breakfast, I head back home for a shower and change of clothes. Then I went out again, this time to a bakery. My mother told me to buy some cakes as thank you gifts for the hospital staffs.

After picking 5 boxes of cake, turn out there's still room left in my budget for another. So add a box of apple raisin pie. I like pies. A lemon or orange pie would have been even better, but apple is fine too.

I didn't eat a proper lunch today. Instead, I ate just the above apple pie, and finishing my mother's lunch leftover. I also brought her some vegetable dishes and rice from home, so she was already part full when the lunch from hospital arrived.

Now, I said before that the hospital's food was unappetizing, right? Well, this lunch was a complete inversion of that. The menu for my mother consited of rice, a cup of vegetable and noodle soup, a platter of papaya, sambal goreng kentang (example) and chicken katsu. What I ate was most of the sambal goreng kentang and chicken katsu, and they were delicious. In my family sambal goreng kentang, despite the name (sambal = chili sauce), is normally un-hot, or just barely (my family normally called it 'kentang merah' = red potato). When I buy it outside however, it is always bitingly hot. This is one, though taste un-hot, very mild without any bite. This is the first time I encounter someone else beside my mother who can cook sambal goreng kentang like this. The chicken katsu is also very good. The meat are good, without any garbage part, and thick enough; with tasty batter covering. It was amazing, especially when you remember that it is hospital food, and compare it with yesterday's hospital fares.

For dinner time, I was having trouble again deciding what I want. M brother opt for some satai, but I didn't feel in the mood for satai. I wanted to order some take out, but I'm not sure (again) what to order. I'm still craving for some chicken kaarage, so I browsed the options looking for kaarage menu. But none of those presented looks as appetizing as yesterday's kaarage. Then while browsing, I suddenly noticed that my favorite curry restaurant has opened a new branch nearby! Though I'm wavered a bit between that, and cheaper chicken donburi from another place, I decided to go for it, ordering dori curry rice.

The order took quite a while to arrive. At least it arrived right when my stomach start their marching band, and not after. The taste? It was deeeeeelish, just as expected. Comfort food indeed.

One could argue that it was in truth just a standard Japanese curry, but it is unbelivable how many places can mess up even a 'standard'. One problem I often encounterd in many restaurants, is serving curry rice with too thin and/or too little of curry sauce. Despite it is in a plentiful, thick, sauce where the soul of curry rice resides! Well, not so with this curry I am eating tonight. It was thick, and plenty, as it is proper.

One thing I like from this place's curry, is that they add some piece of nori in the sauce. It is a simple touch, but I love it.

I know this good udon place. They also serve good curry there. But maybe because they were an udon restaurant, even though they served curry rice as well, their curry sauce don't contain any potato or carrot. It taste good but it just feel too lonely, too with carrot and potato in a curry. So it is nice to eat curry with lost of carrot, potato, and onions. Mmm, delish.

While the menu prime meat is of course the dori katsu, the sauce also includes some pieces of meat. (What's that, I need to reduce eating meat? It's fine if its in curry! Curry is justice!). They create a nice mix of flavor.

A great, satisfying dinner. All in all, despite some misfortune in not getting kaarage, today's food is well and good.

That concludes a trilogy of my improvised food blogging. See you next season!


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What's begedil? :V That's perkedel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perkedel

One of my favorite yummies :) The ones in the picture were some fine specimens of its genus.
Same thing, Malaysian spelling. I'm used to having perkedel as a side dish with Mie Jawa as it's perfect for mopping up the gravy but I never knew you can eat it with soto. Looks yummy.


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Same thing, Malaysian spelling. I'm used to having perkedel as a side dish with Mie Jawa as it's perfect for mopping up the gravy but I never knew you can eat it with soto. Looks yummy.
It's a Banjarmasin thing. In Banjar, soto must come with perkedel. The picture is soto boyolali instead of soto banjar, but habit. And it matches just as well.

On my side, this is the first time I heard perkedel eated together with Mie...


Beach bum, Esq.
It's a Banjarmasin thing. In Banjar, soto must come with perkedel. The picture is soto boyolali instead of soto banjar, but habit. And it matches just as well.

On my side, this is the first time I heard perkedel eated together with Mie...
It's a Jawa Sungai Banting thing. I like it, as Mie Jawa's gravy goes very well with a Perkedel kentang or Perkedel tauhu. The explosion of taste is just... yum!


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Today we (me and my family went to a curry place). I was happy since, it is a bit unusual for my family to be wanting to eat in same places me, especially in cases of foreign food.

Actual results is a bit mixed though. My mother went to a place next to the curry house (its a food court/mini food mall thing, so there's a bunches) to buy boxed rice (I'm not grumbling about this, it's cheaper because there's a discount promo going and looks good enough, sides I'm the one suggesting to my family they can look to eat elsewhere). My brother on the other hand is being a bit weird. He ordered a chicken katsu rice, but he don't want to eat any of the flour coating, and I ended up eating those either, moved into my plate of curry. I gave him some shrimp (I ordered shrimp tempura curry rice) to compensate his shortage, but he did the same thing with it, and return the flour coating. -_-

The curry rice is tasty as always, but I'm overstuffed with flour. And oil.

Place are nice though. It's sorta food court but designed to looks like a complex of small houses in village western style. The corridor is roofless ... which good for when its clear day, but today was raining like waterfall so yeah.

Perhaps should have ordered mushroom curry though. I could have used more fibre.