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Rules Of Frozen In Carbonite

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The providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by this web site ("Service") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts. Content submitted express the views of their author only.

Frozen in Carbonite was a forum made and designed with the purpose of allowing people a place to freely and actively debate their ideas without running into the issue of both excessive moderation as with other forums, but at the same time not resulting in an environment overrun with hatred, extremism and vitriol towards other human beings, due to the views they share. This means that FiC has designed it's more moderate rules with the purposes of helping the community over all as a whole, rather then punishing it excessively due to some type of compulsive need for order.

The rules are as the following

1. No Illegal content: This includes pirated materials, the promotion of terrorism, snuff movies and hate crimes and anything in violation of the laws of the country in which this server is hosted. Posting child abuse images will result in an instant banning and a police report being filled to local authorities.

2. No Disrupting The Functioning Of The Forum: No spam or advertisements, multiple accounts, harassment, excessive derailing/trolling or otherwise abuse of the functionalities of the forum. Attempting to breach the security of the forum will also be meet with a permanent ban from the site and a possible police report to local authorities.

3. No Adult Content: Pornography and gore, drawn or otherwise is not allowed on this forum unless specified by the mods. "WTF" material such as "goatse", feces or "lemon party" is also prohibited under these rules. Heavily graphic depictions of sex are also prohibited in any fiction posted to this site.

4. No Abuse: Harassing, stalking or abusing other members outside of the normal level of debate here won't be tolerated. Under no circumstances will "doxing" be allowed and any member engaged in it will be banned, possibly permanently. Death threats are strictly against the rules.

5. No Hatred: This includes promotion of Nazism, apologism for genocide. bigotry and support of the mass murder of ethnic groups. As well as blatant homophobia, racism or sexism. This however does not mean one can disagree with someone related to these things, so long as it does not turn into actual bigotry against ethnic groups and promotion of hatred

6. Don't Abuse The Staff: Be nice, if given an infraction by one of the mods here, try and avoid getting angry and use the in forum appeals system. Outright hurling abuse and flames at the mods is grounds for a permanent ban.
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Minor policies

On self-requesting bans: If you would like to be banned, whether to limit your online activity or any other reason, please make a post in this requesting a ban duration (whether temporary or permanent), and report the post to bring it to the attention of the staff. ... Due to limitations of the forum, temp-ban duration may be slightly different than requested.
7. Don't Leak PM: For PM conversations on FiC, you may not share the contents of a PM with other users not party to the PM and only may share content of the PM with the explicit consent of all parties involved in said PM. The sole exception to this if you need to report a PM to Staff for violation of one of the rules above.
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