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Rocky exo-planet "likely" to support life


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Thought this might be of interest.


This Rocky Exoplanet Is the Most Likely to Support Life
Of the thousands of known exoplanets, Kepler-452b has the most ideal combination of UV light exposure and conditions for liquid water.

PUBLISHED ON 08/07/2018
11:46 AM EDT
Scientists have been hard at work the past several years identifying potentially habitable exoplanets. There is the rocky world found around Proxima Centauri. Then there’s the rocky planet orbitingRoss 128, which, at 11 light-years from us, is just a small jump away in celestial terms once we figure out how to travel at speeds approaching the speed of light. And NASA's venerable Kepler Space Telescopefound a slew of other rocky worlds during its time peering at the sky
But a new study narrows down the dozens and dozens of exoplanets that might support life to just one — Kepler-452b. It's in the sweet spot near its star, a zone warm enough for water to flow on the surface, yet far enough away that UV radiation from its star won't kill possible life.
"There are many planets within the liquid-water habitable zone. However, it turns out that there is only one near-Earth-sized planet that lies definitively within both the habitable zone and [UV-friendly] zone:
Kepler-452b," study leader Paul Rimmer, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge, said in an email to Seeker.


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Interesting that they can now detect planets that far off. 1402 lightyears...
If people on that planet had telescopes powerful enough, Earth would be in the 6th century AD to them.
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