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Raiden (Metal Gear) Vs 40k Imperium Elites

At what Round does Raiden Finally start to lose A Majority of the Time

  • Round 1: He can't even solo an angry Black Templar

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Round 2: The Most Elite CQC Marines in Terminator Armor >Raiden

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Round 3: The Emperor's Finest Post-Human Warriors >Raiden > Space Marines

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Round 4: The demi-Primarch Angle Vampire takes this

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Round 5: The Actual Primarch Demi-God Succeeds where all others fail

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Raiden Rules of Nature's His way Through All Opposition

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Holy necropost batman. And on top of that you contributed nothing to the thread that hasn't already been said.
Not really, considering this post has already been necroed once in late August from June, and the fact that your "contributions" to this argument have been literally nothing but subjective claims without evidence, petty snipes at people for citations ("I'll wait"), and how you don't want to even talk about Armstrong because your "eyes glazed over."

Also, I believe I have contributed how Raiden can caber-toss Titans like the greentext meme of a DW Character caber-tossing a Terminator, which is a feet of strength no Primarch has ever come close to doing (the most we've ever seen a Primarch do physically is hold-up a Titan's foot for a few minutes, and that was Angron, one of the physically-strongest Primarchs.) But Primarchs have an advantage over Raiden in the fact that they have superior regeneration and durability that's not linked to killing cyborgs, which is why I give Sanguinius the edge in this fight, in addition to him being able to spit acid. Though, after fighting the much, much slower normal Space Marines, I'm pretty sure Raiden would be used to people spitting at him.

The more I look at him, the more I'm tempted to say that Raiden wins against Sanguinius.
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I'd be expecting a loss to Leman Russ, as the Primarchs do have multi-thousand-ton deadlift feats and a ridiculous amount of augmentation to improve combat speeds. However, Raiden has feats of running speed in the bullet timer range, which is something the Primarchs don't have the feats to reliably deal with. All it takes is for Raiden to survive the first few swings and exploit that advantage to make mincemeat of pretty much any Primarch by just constantly dodging everything, because Primarchs can't outrun him, and I'm not so sure about them even being able to turn around fast enough. The exceptions being las weapons and psychic attacks that have effectively infinite speed, but most Primarchs don't actually have those.

Yes, he's screwed if he takes one solid hit from a Custodes, let alone a Primarch. But his feats of strength and mobility are such that he only needs to survive the opening moments to quickly stomp basically everything in the Imperium, up to and including Imperator Titans being ground away by his sword, which has quite casually carved through numerous meters of nuke-proof armor. The problem is that the combat speeds are close enough and durability disparity large enough that it seems nearly certain he'd lose to a Primarch in those first moments (especially because he's unlikely to up-front understand the instant death situation he's in), and not have a certainty of winning against a Custodes for the same reason.

Hell, given the fact he's sworded through Gears before, he's actually liable to bisect a Primarch with his own first solid hit. 'Course, this requires him to not lose that sword, or his life, trying to parry a Primarch's swing, so... It comes down a lot to what Raiden tries to do at the start of the fight, which, given the example of the Senator Armstrong fight, is sadly far too likely for me to feel confident in handing the actual victory in a real fight between Leman Russ and Raiden.

Basically, Raiden is glass lightning. One hit and he's gone, but he goes so fast and hits so hard that it honestly doesn't matter if he can get going.

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