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Purple Violence[No More Heroes/My Hero Academia]

Chapter 1


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A/N: This fic is being cross-posted from FF.Net, and was a idea that kept following me. Please enjoy, and make sure to leave any criticism or thoughts.

Chapter 1: No More Paradise

The ride on the bus was a quiet, elongated experience for Mineta Minoru. The bus itself was rundown and small on both the outside and inside. It was quite fitting. Mineta felt the same, especially of the events has occurred at Yuuei, his school.

The tolerance of the small pervert had ran out from both his classmates and the teachers. What had happened at the homecoming had been the last straw, and he was expelled from the school the next day. His life was ruined, his dreams had been crushed. It was a slap to the face, just how Mineta had been slapped around by his peers and family. His mother had tears running down her face, a look of pure disappointment, her right hand violently connecting with his left cheek. The rest was a complete blur, with screaming and crying, and the thing he knew, Mineta had found his way to a bus stop, with some money in his pocket and clothes in a suitcase.

A soft sigh escaped from the pervert's mouth. He leaned on the side of the bus, The purple, orange-sized balls on his head nearly touching the window. He peered out, and saw a red sign with white letters that said:

“Welcome To Santa Destroy

The Town Known As Paradise!”

'Paradise?' Mineta scoffed in his head. 'Is that truly a thing?'

The bus halted, and the driver grunted, "Last stop!"

Mineta got up from his seat, grabbed his suitcase, and exited out of the vehicle. He wore a white shirt with a red star in the middle of it. He also wore an unzipped purple hoodie, displaying the star on his shirt. He also wore blue shorts and shoes matching the color of his hoodie.

He stood on the sidewalk as he scanned the area. The town was, like himself, pretty small. It had some stores and such, with other people walking or driving in their cars. It was still daytime, and the sun hid itself with clouds that presented the bright, blue sky.

Mineta decided to explore the town. The grape haired boy, with suitcase in hand, walked around the town, with the sun shining and the sky cloudy. He stopped for a minute, remembering something. Mineta reached for his pockets, and pulled out a small, purple IPod with white earphones. He placed the buds in his ears, and looked through his playlist. He selected a album from a band called "Gorillaz", and the sounds of drums rang smoothly. He continued to walk as music played in his earphones:

I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad.

I got sunshine in a bag.

I'm useless, but not for long.

The future is coming on

"Alright then, let's go find Paradise," Mineta said to himself as he walked.


Mineta had stopped walking, and he sat on a bench near a park, eating a slice of pizza. The suitcase he carried with him was standing between his short legs. The street in front of Mineta was packed in parked cars, and in between was a strange looking store. A brown colored cow's head was sticking out on a billboard with some words on the left:

Beef Head




And more...

The billboard itself did interest the boy, however, the thing that really gained his attention more was a peculiar looking motorcycle. It looked like it was pulled of a Sci-Fi film, or the anime "Akira". It was big, white, had two huge exhaust pipes sticking out the back, a large wheel in the back and a small one in the front.

"That's one cool bike," Mineta said as he leaned to take a better look at the bike. "Imagine all of the chicks he picked up with that." the boy imagined himself riding a bike like that, with a beautiful woman sitting behind him, arms around him.

Then, the door of the video store opened, bringing the boy out of his daydream. A man exited the store, carrying a plastic bag. He was Caucasian, with raven hair that pointed upwards. He wore a red jacket and glasses with orange lenses. He was also wearing a shirt with some girls from a anime, blue jeans, and sneakers.

The man stuffed the bag into his pocket, and got on the strange motorcycle. He then rode away from the store and out of Mineta's sight.

The boy just stared in awe, ignoring the slice of pizza he held in his right hand. "Wow," he whispered. "That guy must be too cool to have the bike."

Mineta, after realizing that he looked down the road for possibly three minutes, he watched the small clock on his wrist. It was now seven-thirty p.m., and night began to fall. The boy quickly ate the slice, got up, grabbed his suitcase, and walked.

As he roamed the town, a sudden thought entered Mineta. He had basically ran away from his home, moved to a different town, and, because he was a minor and lacked cash, he couldn't afford any place to stay.

'Shit!' he mentally cursed as he strolled. 'Great job Mineta, you've just screwed yourself over. Like always.'

Suddenly, the boy heard another pair of footsteps, almost growing closer. He looked back and saw two men covered in black leather, spikes, chains and tattoos. The way they dressed screamed "Bad news", so Mineta's pacing increased in speed. The two men slowly gained on the boy, increasing their pace as well. Mineta's pace turned into a light jog. He looked around his surroundings, and he saw the corner of the sidewalk. He reached it and turned, only to find two other men dressed in black leather, waiting for their prey.

Mineta stopped, and turned around. He was surrounded.

One of the men stepped forward, standing tall and fierce, a major contrast to Mineta's small and slightly shaking body. He was tanned and had a full beard. A red cap was lazily place upon his head, covering his baldness. A black vest covered the man's tank top, the toned muscles on his arms exposed. A menacing, vicious smile spread across his face.

"Hey kid, you lost?" The man asked mockingly, moving forwards a little to the small, frightened boy.

"You came to the wrong neighborhood," said one of the men behind Mineta.

The boy gulped, as he felt like a small animal, surrounded by a group of big predators. Out of desperation and pure instinct, he dropped his suitcase and grabbed for one of the purple balls on his head. With a audible pop, the ball was removed, and was held tightly in both Mineta's hands.

"B-B-Back off," Mineta warned the men, trying his hardest to not break down in fear. "I-I'm warning you."

The red capped man had simply laughed at the kid's poor attempt of scaring them off. "Really? Please kid, you fucking suck at trying to act all mean."

"Yeah," One other man quipped. "That stupid ball won't do jack shit."

"And besides," The tall man started, cracking his knuckles, a dangerous look appeared as the mans eyes narrowed, planning to close in on the boy. "Killing Quirkies like you is always a fun time."

Mineta spent no time waiting to be attacked. He dropped the ball in his hand and dashed for the streets. However, he was grabbed by the tall, bald man by the arm. He was pulled back, and a knee was connected with his midsection violently. All of the air of his lungs was driven out of him, and before he could react, a balled up fist was placed into his face, breaking his nose with a sickening crunch.

Mineta was sprawled on the concrete ground, his nose leaking with blood. It dripped onto the floor as Mineta tried to pick up his head, but a kick to the side of the face sent him rolling on his side. Mineta spat, a tooth, with some blood, landed on the floor a couple of feet away.

The other men just laughed as their leader continued to wail on the boy without a care in the world. Killing Quirkies had been a major source of entertainment for the gang.

The bald leader stopped beating Mineta and pulled out a switchblade from his back pocket. With a click, the blade popped out.

"Okay kid, say your fuckin' prayers." the leader growled, and moved in, going for the kill.

Mineta, bloodied and broken in many ways, just closed his eyes. He had it coming for him, to die for his perverted ways. The perfect way to end his meaningless life.

But his end never came.

"Hey!" A voice called out.

The leader was stopped dead in his tracks, along with the other members.

Mineta looked up from the floor and saw the person that called out. His eyes, except a black and swollen one, widened. It was the guy he saw a while ago. The guy with the peculiar motorcycle.

The man wearing the red jacket stood a couple feet away from the others, with eyes glaring from his glasses.

The leaders’ focus on Mineta shifted towards the annoying fuck child of a man. He left Mineta, and strolled towards the stranger with a cocky smile.

"Well, look what we have here," The leader said teasingly as his eyes locked at the man. "Another fresh fish trying to be a hero."

"At least I'm not willing to attack a fucking kid," the person in the red jacket retorted.

"The kid is another Quirky. He had enough reason to be snuffed out."

"Listen here, buddy..." The man with the glasses spoke in a threatening tone. "Leave the kid alone, or else."

The leader just crudely laughed. "Or else what?"

"You want to keep that empty head on your shoulders don't you, you shit load of fuck?"

The leader sneered, and without hesitation, he lunged at the annoying bastard, with the switchblade in hand.




The leader's head was slashed off his neck, with blood spraying and staining the ground. The head landed with a thud, its final expression was one with shock.

The body collapsed into a dead heap, with blood running down the freshly cut hole of its neck.

The man in the red held what Mineta thought as a light-saber or something similar. A green light, shaped like a katana, glowed from a tube, which was also shaped like a sword as well. His eyes glared at the other members.

"Who's next?" He asked, his tone deep and serious.

The three members were now the ones shaking, with one member having a wet spot that spread on his pants. They immediately fled the scene with screams of fright and cowardice.

"So now you guys want to act scared and shit," The man in red shouted. "And next time, pick on someone your own size!"

Mineta stared at the dead body with shock. Did that guy just killed someone? And with a light-saber?

A hand was held in front of the boy. Mineta shifted his head, and saw the man was leaning forward, his right hand extended out.

"You alright kid?" The man asked.

Mineta hesitated a little bit, but he grabbed the hand. He was lifted off the floor and onto his feet. His nose was still bleeding. The man noticed this, and reached for one of his pockets on his jacket. He pulled out a couple of napkins that was held in a small box.

"Here," the man offered the napkins to Mineta, who took them and thanked him.

Mineta pulled a couple of napkins out of the box and held them onto his nose gently. Not much, but it'll do.

A awkward silence was present, as the two just stared at each other.

"So," the man finally spoke up. "You got a place to stay?"

Mineta stood there, the question repeated in his head. Tears began to swell in his eyes as he shook his head.

The man looked over the boy and saw a suitcase. "Lemme guess. You came here all alone?"

Mineta nodded as tears silently fell down his face. He had left everyone behind, all because of his stupid mistakes and lack of respect.

"Hey," The man tried to comfort the boy. "How about this? I'll take you back to my place and We'll sort stuff out?"

The boy just nodded. He needed to leave. He didn't want to see the dead body anymore.

"C'mon," The man led the boy to his motorcycle. The two got on, and the man started to drive.

"By the way," The man commented as he drove. "I've never got your name."

The boy answered back: "M-Mineta. Mineta Minoru."

"Mine's Travis." The man introduced himself. "Travis Touchdown."

To Be Continued...
Chapter 2


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Chapter 2: No More Strangers

"Here we are kid," Travis Touchdown said as Mineta and him arrived at a motel. The motel itself appeared to be old, and two sets of floors were layered by a balcony. the walls were yellow, and some windows were lit while other weren't. The words, 'NO MORE HEROES' were displayed on top of the motel as a large billboard.

Travis entered, and parked his motorcycle in the motels small parking lot. The two got off, and then walked up a long flight of stairs, with Mineta holding onto its rails. They turned, and continued to stroll to the far left, until they stopped in front of a light-blue door.

Travis dugged into his pocket, and produced a set of keys, with were on a keychain with what appears to be a small anime girl in a very revealing outfit. after fiddling around with the keys, he found the right one; a bronze key with a square head.

He slid the key into the door's lock, and twisted it to the right. A sharp click was heard, and Travis grabbed the doorknob and also twisted to the right.

"Home sweet home," Travis pronounced as he pushed the door open, revealing the inside of his home to the small, grape haired teen. The home looked, well, Otaku'ed out. There were figurines of girls in the same outfit as the one on Travis's key-chain, displayed on a green shelf, with a grey couch a few feet away from it.. In the middle of the living room stood a small, red recliner, facing a small T.V with a D.V.D player and a strange looking game console. A row of different colored masks were nailed on beige walls, leading to another room. On the left side of the room, a bedroom was shown by an open door. A huge figurine of a gundam were placed in a corner, its lifeless eyes glared at a mini fridge.

Mineta entered the room, his eyes scanning around it. He hadn't expected Travis to be, well, a man of culture.

Travis was entering the room as well, but stopped. He felt like he was forgotten something. Then, it hit him, his eyes widening, the palm of his right hand slapped his forehead.

"Shit," he cursed. "I forgot your suitcase." He planned to run down and head out. "Look, kid, I'm gonna go back and get your stuff. Just stay here and make yourself at home. Do you think you can do that?"

Mineta looked at the Otaku assassin, and replied with a simple: "Yeah."

"Okay good. If you want to use the bathroom, it's straight ahead. I'll be right back." With that, Travis turned and left, leaving the small boy alone. The sounds of a motorcyle grew and faded away, leaving nothing but silence.

Mineta, after a few minutes, decided to explore the home. He started by staring at the masks displayed on the wall.

'Hmmm... Must be a huge wrestling fan,' Mineta thought, before heading towards the small fridge. He bent down, and open it, revealing some take-out and some cans of soda.

'This guy doesn't have a lot of money. He probably lives on this stuff.' He thought, and closed the fridge.

Suddenly, a sound was heard in the house, a cat meowing.

The grape head boy turned, and saw a grey kitten on the floor, sitting on all of its four legs. The cat stared at the boy, with some curiosity.

"Hey," Mineta crouched down, and held out his hand. The cat then got up, and approach the boy. The feline sniffed at the boy's hand, then it leaned forward, waiting to be petted.

Mineta rubbed the cat's head with care, resulting with the kitten starting to purr, slightly vibrating his hand.

"There there," said Mineta, as he continued to pet the cat. After a while, he stopped, and the cat went along with its business.

Mineta stood up, and a sharp pain rang from Mineta's nose. A groan of pain escaped the boy mouth, and his hands were placed between his broken nose.

'Damn, this hurts like hell. I need to patch this up," Mineta thought, and nearly ran to the bathroom.

The bathroom itself looked alright, with a medium sized shower, a huge sink, and a toilet with more wrestling masks hanging above it with a poster with the words, "No More Heroes" written in neon blue.

The boy walked to the sink, with hands still holding onto his face.

He crouched down, and opened the sink's bottom cabinet. In it was a few cleaning supplies, and, to Mineta's relief, a first-aid kit. He grabbed the kit, and stood, facing the mirror.

Mineta placed the small, red kit on the sink, lifted up the two latches, and open. The kit contains cloth, a needle with thread, a disinfectant spray, some bandages, and some wooden sticks the resemblances the one that held popsicles.

'Am I really doing this. Am i about to fix a broken nose?' Mineta mentally questioned himself as he stared at his reflection. His nose wasn't cut, but it was sticking to the right, with some dried up blooded staining it.

'Okay. Okay. I can do this. Just grab your nose and pop it into the right place. Not so hard,' Mineta thought to himself, and, with his hands shaking furiously, he placed four fingers onto the broken nose. The sight touch caused waves of pain to arise, making the boy grit his teeth.

'Okay, on the count of three.'




Mineta, using his four fingers, moved the nose into place furiously with a loud crack. Mineta nearly screamed in pain, tears began to swell and fall onto his face. Some blood escaped from his nostrils, and dripped onto the white sink. Mineta grabbed the cloth, and held it to his nose, stopping some of the bleeding. After the bleeding stopped fully, He threw away the dirty cloth, and grabbed a few more, the wooden sticks, the disinfectant and a large band-aid. He sprayed one of the cloth with the disinfectant, and rubbed it all over the nose, cleaning it. Some pain, not as great from before, shot up, causing Mineta to flinch. Then, he reached for the sticks, broke it in half, and pressed it on the sides of his nose. And, finally, he placed the large band-aid onto his repaired nose, a white square with some place for his nostrils.

"...Better than nothing." Mineta admired his handy work, before cleaning up the sink.

Mineta exited the bathroom, and a slight rumble coming from his stomach. Repairing a broken nose does bring a appetite.

The sounds of a motorcycle entered again, a familiar noise.

'That didn't take long,' Mineta thought as he sat on the small recliner.

After a few seconds, the door opening, revealing Travis, with a suitcase in one hand and a plastic bag in the other.

"Hey kid," Travis greeted the boy. "Got your suitcase. I also got some food. You hungry?"

Mineta smiled. "Yeah, i am."


"You patched up your nose?" Travis asked the boy as the two ate some food. It was Chinese take-out, the Otaku's go-to-meal. Well, beside pizza that is. The Otaku sat on the red recliner, while the grape haired boy just sat on the floor.

Mineta, with a mouth full of shrimp fried rice, just nodded.

"Geez, must've hurt like Hell. Y'know, that took some real guts to do that." the Otaku complimented the boy, and took a bite of his sweet and sour chicken.

Another awkward silence grew between the two yet again, with them just eating in silence.

"...So," Travis spoke up. "What's with the suitcase? What are you even doing in Santa Destroy anyway?" He asked.

Mineta stopped eating, an sad look appeared on his face. He swallowed some soda, and looked at Travis. "...It's kinda...complicated." He said.

"C'mon kid, I've been through a lot of complicated shit. You can tell me anything." Travis said.

"Are you sure?" Mineta said.

"Of course. I mean, why not? You can't just come here, to Santa Destroy, with a purpose." Travis reassured.

Mineta paused for a moment, and he softy sighed. "To make a long story short, someone gave one of a female classmates a roofie in my school, and i was blamed for it. I was expelled, but I ran away before anything else could happen to me."

Mineta leaned forward towards the Otaku. "I was the pervert of the bunch, the runt if you may. I wasn't special. I don't even have a good Quirk."

Travis blinked. "Wait a sec', you have a Quirk?

Mineta nodded. Then, he grabbed for one of the purple balls of his head, and removed it with a audible pop. He placed the ball on the floor, where it began to stick on it. "I have these ball of my head. They stick to anything for a long time, or depending on how i feel."

"Well I'll be damned, most people don't have Quirks in this town, so you're kinda a rare one, if you catch my drift. But anyway, please continue."

"...All right. I was a outcast, I felt that I just don't belong there. So when the roofie incident happened at a homecoming, I was the first person to point fingers at. To make it worse, someone stuffed a bag of pills in one of my pockets. No one believed me, not even my own mother. So, it was that day that I had enough of-of-everyone's shit. I packed, took some money, and just ran. I didn't look back for even a second. And here I am."

Travis leaned back on the recliner, processing Mineta's story. "That's fucking rough, man. You must have a lot of heat back home."

Mineta looked down at his food, that sad look never left for a second. "Probably."

Travis looked at the boy, and an familiar feeling arose inside him. He had to do something. He can't just kick this kid out. That would be like leaving a kitten out in a den of tigers. So, out of the crazy shit that Travis Touchdown ever faced, he decided to do something he thought he'd never do.

"So, how do you feel about moving in with me for a while?"

Mineta looked back up, that old, sad look disappeared, and a confused one appeared. "Huh?"

"Yeah, kid. This town can chew you apart if your not careful. And besides, it's be better than being on the streets at night."

Mineta's confused face lightened. He does a point.

"So you stick with me, and we'll see where this story goes. It might lead to the writer of this fic to do something that could drag the both of us into deep shit." Travis said.

Mineta blinked. "Wait what?"

"...Never-mind. So what do you say?"

Mineta thought it over, and came to a decision that would change his life forever. "Okay. I'll move in."

"Sweet. There's a couch in my bedroom. You can sleep on it. It's really comfortable." Travis said.

"Okay." Mineta replied.

After all of that talking, The two finished eating. With their bellies satisfied, it was getting late at night. So they decided to all it for the night.

Mineta opened up a pair of Pajamas, and took a shower, the lukewarm water rained down his small body as he washed his body. After redressing his nose, he wore his pajamas and laid down of the small, grey couch.

Travis said his good nights, before going to turn off the lights.

"Wait," Mineta said, stopping Travis. The Otaku looked at the boy. "You have a very cute cat."

"Jeanne? Thanks. She's a good cat. And boy, does she likes company." Travis stated, and he turned off the lights.

Mineta had to give props to the Otaku. This couch was really comfy, because he fell asleep quickly.



In a office

A petite, slender woman sat at a desk, a phone in hand. Her pale, white skin stood a contrast to the black, tight dress she wore. The fan in the office blew lightly, blowing the woman's long, bleached white hair freely. The woman spoke in a heavy French accent as she talked to the person on the phone.

"Is it ready?" The woman asked.

"Yes. The Junior League of the UAA will start soon. Do you have a person to represent you for the Ranked fights?" The person asked.

Sylvia just smirked. "I'll find someone."

To Be Continued...
Chapter 3


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Chapter 3: No More Peaceful Times

Beef Head Video

1:38 P.M


"Here it is, Travis," The man known as Bishop gave a case that contain the O.V.A of an anime, in a plastic bag, to Travis Touchdown. Bishop was the owner of Beef Hep, and a good friend to the Otaku. He was in his mid thirties, almost a bit older than Travis. His hair was done in a semi Mohawk, and his white skin looked slightly oiled up. Bishop had already wore a brown shirt with a face of a cow, which gave a cartoon-ish smile.

"Thanks Bishop," Travis gave a smile to his friend, and he took the D.V.D he had paid for. The Otaku wore his usual red jacket, but he had swapped his usual t-shirt, the one with his favorite anime, with a black one with a red tiger that breathe fire.

He also wore black jeans and black shoes.

"C'mon kid," Travis called out to Mineta, who was busy reading a video game magazine, which had a article talking about a new game called, "Let It Die", coming out next year. It had been a couple days since he moved in with the Otaku, and his nose had healed. The small teen wore his zipped down purple hoodie, with a purple t-shirt that contains the phrase, "Hope You're Having A Grape Day!".

'God, that shirt is completely cheesy,' Travis thought, as Mineta placed the magazine back onto a shelf and followed him out the store.

"So what did you get?" Mineta asked as they walked outside.

"The brand new O.V.A for Bizarre Jelly Five," Travis showed the case from the bag to Mineta, as if he was proud.

"What's the anime about anyway?"

"It's about these girls, and they're named after different fruits. These girls are also magical girls, so they fight off these powerful shadows monsters. And it's so fucking cool. and the best part about it, it contains one thing that people like me always love..."

Mineta's eyebrows were raised with curiosity. "What is it?"

A sly, yet blissful smirk appeared on Travis's mouth, and under his orange glasses, his eyes were in a state of lust. "Moe~~~"

"...Of course," Mineta said, with a grin.

While the two were in engaged in their conversation, they failed to realize that a tall, black limousine were tailing them. As they went to cross the street, the vehicle stopped dead in front of them, a few feet away. The door of the limo opened, and two tall men in black suits exited and stood in front of the two.

"Travis Touchdown?" Asked one of the men. Their demeanor were blank, yet very serious.

"Yeah. Who's asking?" Travis wasn't going to let some cheap punks threatened him. His hand slowly crept to his beam katana, the same "lightsaber" used to rescue Mineta in the first place.

"Sylvia Christel has requested for your presence at once," the other man in black answered.

Travis's eyes widen a little bit, his hand that reached for his weapon retreated. "Sylvia? What the hell does she wants with me? Where is the hell is she anyway?"

"Closer than you think, Travis."

An familiar voice, laced with a French accent answered. Inside the limousine, the head of a female peered out, her white hair done in long pigtails. Her hazel eyes stared at the Otaku, a faint smile on her face.

"S-Sylvia?" Travis asked in disbelief.

"Hello Travis," said Sylvia. "Long time, no see."

Travis's heart must've skipped a beat. Sylvia hadn't shown up after he became the became the number one Ranked assassin for three months. Three whole months, and now she comes back from out of the blue. Just like that?

'Okay, first, she showed up and asked to kill other assassins and become number one, then she takes all of my money just because Sir Henry Motherfucker wasn't making a huge amount of cash, skips town, and then she comes back and said hi to me. What does this French bitch want from my life?' Travis basically ranted in his head. Too bad. He doesn't have the balls to say that in Sylvia's face-

'Oh fuck you too, writer!'

Anyway, Sylvia asked the men in black to step aside, which they did. "Come inside, Travis," She said. "Bring that boy too." She pointed to Mineta.

The two looked at each other for a moment, and slowly entered the limousine. They sat down on a long, white car seats as the vehicle began to move again.

Sylvia sat on the right side of the car, while the men in black sat at the left side. Her legs was crossed, and her back leaned onto the seat. She wore a pair of shorts, which exposed her long legs, an white jacket that displayed her blossoms for any men to drool over. Her foot kept tapping to a set of music that was quite catchy.

Sylvia grabbed a remote that laid next to her, and pressed a button. In the middle of the limousine, a square box rose up with mechanical sounds, and stood here. The French woman slid the box open, revealed several bottles of wine and champagne, with a set of drinking glasses. "Do you want a drink, Travis?" Sylvia grabbed a glass and a bottle of champagne.

"All I want is an explanation," said Travis. "You skipped town for three months, and you came back. What's your game, Sylvia?"

"My game?" Sylvia popped the cork of the bottle, and poured the beverage into her cup. "You want to cut to the chase? Already? What happened to that drive of yours?"

"That drive disappeared as soon as I found out the truth about you and the UAA," Travis clenched his fists tightly, almost drawing blood. "If it's about me killing any more people for your greedy ass, then you can forget it."

"I'm greedy?" Sylvia took a few sips of her champagne. "I'm hurt Travis. Wounded even."

"So was I, but you didn't care for a second, bitch."

Mineta felt like some kind of third wheel, but instead of feeling jealous, he felt a lot of emotions flowing from both Travis and this Sylvia person. It was a bit of an Love/Hate relationship, but it had a lot of unsolved sexual tension. It was kinda creeping him out.

"Think what you want, Travis. However, my business isn't really focused on you," said Sylvia.

"Really now? Then who-" Travis pausing, realizing where this was heading. "Wait...you're talking about the kid?" He said, pointing to Mineta.

"Correct." Sylvia then shifted her attention to the grape haired boy. "Mineta Minoru, isn't it?"

"Y-yes ma'am." Mineta answered back.

"I've heard a lot about you. You being a student at U-A, a school where people with Quirks attends. Your performance at the Entrance exam was quite impressive, especially with that Quirk of yours. Immobilizing the robots with your sticky balls. That was actually brilliant. And even with your final exam was impressive as well."

Travis sighed. 'Great. She's gassing him up.'

"It's a shame that a student like you would get expelled for allegedly drugging one of your classmates," Sylvia placed her glasses into one of the cup holders, her eyes leaving Mineta and returning soon after. "Now, let me ask you a question: Do you want to clear your name?"

Mineta nodded. "Yes."

"Would you do anything for it? Even if it means killing?"

Mineta thought about the question for awhile. Would killing make him a hero, or a villain? Should he shed blood so he could clear his name? Does these ends justifies the means? All he could do is say one thing: "...Yes."

"I see," Sylvia gave a smile to the boy. "How would you like to join the UAA?"

"Woah, hold on for one second," Travis interfered. "You can't make him join the UAA. He's way too young for that shit!"

"Oh, you don't know about the new Junior League?"

"Wha? New Junior League?"

"That's right," Said Sylvia. "The United Assassins Association is opening its door to more younger faces. Now, young adults between the ages 11 to 19, can compete in their own set of Ranked fights."

"You're telling me that you people are sending kids to go kill each other. Geez, I know that you can be so fucked up, but not this fucked up." Travis stated in some disgust.

"I'm not in charge of setting up the Ranked fights this time," Sylvia said, to the surprise of Travis. "The one who now sets up the fights are the Junior League's number one Ranked assassin."

"Really? So let me guess, you want Mineta to join this Junior League or whatever, but what's the difference between that and the regular league?" Travis asked.

"Well, for one, the price to enter the rankings is cut in half, and two, whoever becomes the number one Ranked assassin, they'll get a huge sum of money?"

Travis just laughed. "How much? A couple thousand dollars?"

"Try two billion."

At that point, Travis leaned forward, his jaw dropping, his eyes widened to the size of car wheels. "Wha?! Two fucking billion?! You've got to be shitting me!

"It's true. The number one Ranked assassin is also funding the League. But that's not all, not only you'll get the cash, you'll get a chance to do one thing that your heart desires."

"So you're saying that if i were to become number one, I'll get a lot of money and clear my name at the same time?" Mineta spoke up.

"Yep! So what do you say?"

Mineta was ready to answer, until Travis pulled him by the arm and whispered in his hear. "Are you sure you want to do this? If you do this, there's no way out for you. Believe me. I know..."

Travis released the teen, who also gave the opportunity a though. After a moment of silence, Mineta had made up his mind.

"Fine. I'll do it."

"Great! That's the spirit!" Sylvia smiled once more. She turned to the Otaku. "The Junior League ranking fights won't start for another three months, so that'll give you enough time to train him."

"...Fine then. I'll train him, but I'm not doing it for you."

"Fair enough," Sylvia said, and the limousine stopped moving, the brakes screeching to a halt. The woman turned to the men in black. "Boys. If you will..." The men got up, and approached the two.

Travis and Mineta gulped in unison.


The two were flung out of the car, and onto the curb of the sidewalk. they groaned in pain, and slowly began to get back on their feet.

Sylvia's head peered out again. "Sorry about that. No hard feelings, rights? I have to run. I'll keep in touch. Cho!" She waved goodbye as the limousine moved again, out of sight.

"Man, I hate when she does that." Travis said as he dusted himself off.

Mineta also got up, and scanned his surroundings. "Where are we?"

"We're closer to the job center, but let's head back home." Travis pulled out a old cellphone out of his pockets, and dialed a number. He placed the phone on his ear as it rang.

"Yo, Bishop, it's me, Travis...Yeah I'm fine, but can send the Schpeltiger over here...I'm near the job center...Okay, thanks man." Travis hanged up the phone, and looked at Mineta. "My friend is on his way with my bike. We'll just have to wait."


"What's up kid? You look kinda gloom."

"Do you think I did something stupid when i agreed to join this UAA?"

"Yeah, to be completely honest. But hey, I did the same."


"Yep. I was a idiot at the time, and i paid for it... I'm skeptical about this Junior League shit and all, but do you really think that this is the best way to help clear your name?"

Mineta blinked. "Well, yeah. I have to prove my innocence somehow."

"By killing other people?"

"...Oh shit, I didn't think this through enough, didn't I?" Mineta thought out loud.


"I'm going to die horribly, aren't I?"


Mineta took a deep breath. "Well, I almost died a bunch of times anyway, so screw it."

"I can admire that."

So they waited, until Bishop showed up.

To Be Continued...

...In a office

"Is everything set?" A voice on a phone said.

Sylvia answered:
"Yes. I've found someone to represent me."

"Good. Now remember this: If that person dies in the fights..."

"Then I would die as well, and everyone that I know: Including my husband..."

"And Travis Touchdown."
Chapter 4


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Chapter 4: No More Amateur Hours

One Month Into Training...

...In a Wrestling Ring...

The Santa Destroy Wrestling Company hadn't bloomed back into business since the late nineties, yet it still remained. The company was been involved in the big leagues, but due to multiple accidents with ring equipment, several wrestlers being injured, and debt, it slowly died. Today, the small wrestling ring, with its worned down red ropes and dusty mat, was the only living memory of an old legend...

And Mineta was standing in the middle of it. The small had worn a small, white tank-top which displayed his small biceps and chest, and a purple set of broken down headgear. He currently sat down, and listened to Travis as he gave his lesson.

"Okay kid," the Otaku started, pacing back and forth, his right hand pointing upward. "Now where's the scenario: you're in a Ranked fight and the person grabs the weapon that's you used and throws it away. What do you now? Simple," He sharply faced the grape haired boy. "Hand-To-Hand combat."

"So today's lesson is simple; you're gonna learn some moves that'll help you on your way. first we'll do some warm-ups, then we'll go on to the good stuff. Clear?"

Mineta nodded.

"Good. Now get up, we have work to do."

What came next was quite difficult and exhilarating. First, Travis made Mineta do stretches for his arms and legs. Then, Mineta struggled to do pull ups, nearly falling every time. After the fifth one, he collapsed onto the floor, nearly exhausted.

'...This might take awhile,' The Otaku thought.

Several Exercises Later...

"Alright!" Both Travis and Mineta returned to the ring, as the grape haired boy drenched in sweat. Mineta's hair was wet, and looked a bit more fuzzier than usual. At first, the boy struggled with the warm-ups, however, he started to get the hang of that.

"Let's start with something simple," Travis then quickly exited the ring by climbing over the middle rope, and grabbed an dummy, which matched Mineta's size, and slid back in.

"This is a dummy used by wrestlers to improve their strikes," Travis placed the dummy in front of Mineta, where it stood as if it wanted to intimidate the boy. "I want you to hit it as hard as you can."

"...Okay," the boy rose up and faced the dummy, its featureless, bronze face staring. Mineta balled up his right hand into a fist, cocked back, and punched the dummy right where it nose would be.

Travis just shook his head. "Nice punch, but you've got to hit it harder."

Mineta threw another, a tad harder than before.

Travis wasn't satisfied yet. "Look, do you want to clear your name or not?"

"Of course i do!" Mineta responded.

"Well, you're not going to do that by pulling your punches. The people you're about to face are trained killers. Any signs of weakness will be the end of you. Trust me, i know. Now, would you please hit the fucking dummy harder?"

What Travis must've been effective, because Mineta punched the dummy with a roar. The face of the dummy had been cut, causing sand to fall onto the ring.

Travis stepped back, with shock and awe. 'Whoa! I didn't expect that?'Mineta panted furiously, his balled up hand started to shake. His pupils dilated in surprise, and he also stepped back from the dummy.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean...er...It was a accident! I must've imagined the dummy as the one thing i hated, and i might have snapped!"

"...Um," Travis couldn't find the right words for this kind of problem. "It's fine, kid. We all can get a little, well, snappy. Let's just clean this up, and wrap this up."

Mineta then grabbed the dummy, with sand still falling onto the floor, and exited out the ring.


Two Months Into Training...

There hadn't been a perfect time to train at five o'clock in the morning, as Mineta was awaken by a sharp sound of an air-horn. The boy jerked up, his eyes lit up in surprise.

"Rise and Shine!" Travis held an air-horn in one hand and what appears to be a device shaped like a Wii remote. "Come outside, it's time for more training!"

Mineta, groggily rubbed his eyes. "What time is it?"

"Like five in the morning. Come downstairs. I'll be waiting for you." Travis said as he walked to the door and opening it, leaving Mineta alone.

'Why this early?' Mineta thought as he got up from the couch and walked to the bathroom.

...A Few Minutes Later...

"Was the air horn necessary?" Mineta asked as he walked down the stairs leading to the parking lot, where Travis was waiting patiently. The boy wore a lavender shirt with white stripes and grey sweatpants.

"Yes. You wouldn't wake up. It was like waking up a fuckin' brick," Travis said.

"Yeah?" Mineta walked down the last step and went to Travis.

"Anyway, the reason i woke you up is you've worked your ass off for a month, and there's no reason why to reward," Travis said as he held out the device. "This is a beam katana made by a woman named doctor Naomi. She has built me several of these in the past, and i asked her to make me one just for you." He threw the beam katana to the boy, which he caught.

"You're serious, right?"

'Yep. Today's lesson is simple: Beam Katana 101," Travis said with a smirk, and walked back a few paces. "Now press the button with the plus on it."

Mineta did as he was told, and pressed the button, which was on the middle of the weapon. A long antenna shot out on the side...


And the weapon came to life, a bright purple light shot out in a shape of a blade. Mineta stared at the light, with pure astonishment.


"Pretty cool, right? Those bad boys are used rarely by others, and they pack a Hell of a punch." Travis went out to the curb of the motel, and grabbed a few small mannequins.

"They run of these special kind of batteries, and they run out of juice fast, so you gotta make your strikes count." Travis places the mannequins a few feet away from the boy. "Go ahead. Try it out."

Mineta stepped forward and approached a dummy on the far right. He raised the blade of light high over his head, and slashed horizontally. The blade passed through it like a hot knife to butter. The dummy slowly slid into two and fell onto floor. "Woah!"

"I know, right?" Travis looked like a proud father just watching the boy. He was a quick learner, that boy.

Mineta moved to the dummy in the middle, and hacked out its arm, which also fell onto the floor. Then...



A beeping noise sounded from the beam katana. Mineta stared at it in confusion, and looked at Travis. "Is this noise normal?"

"The beeping noise means that the beam katana is running out of juice. I used it for a test run, to see if it was working properly. You can recharge it by replacing the battery, or by movement."

"Movement? what do you mean by that?"

"...Um, well, er, you know," Travis began to sweat nervously. "That thing that other boys do on their free time."

"...You're kidding me, aren't you?"

"I kinda wish I was." Travis rubbed the back of his head.

"So I have to-?"

"That's right."

Mineta blushed furiously. "O-Okay."

He hunched down, and looked at the katana, before looking back at the Otaku. "W-Will you mind?"

"Oh! Alright!" Travis turned around, his back facing Mineta.

Mineta returned to the beam katana, gulped, and began to shake it.

'This is so humiliating.' He started lowly, before increasing his speed. The beam katana made sounds that began to increase in pitch. After a few seconds, a loud noise rang from the katana, causing Mineta to stop.

Travis turned back, in shock. "You've managed to recharge a beam katana faster than me. How the hell did you do that?"

Mineta's blush worsened, causing his skin on his face to become a shade of red. "Let's just say that I have a lot of free time than others."


The last day...

"Mineta...when we first met, to be honest, you were a fucking twig. Now look at you."

What Travis stated had been true, Mineta had grown a few inches, his figure had improved. His pectorals had been shaped up, and his biceps had also grown. His midsection had been shaped into nearly a four-pack, yet it remained skinny.

"You really put in a lot of effort into these three months, and I'm impressed."

Mineta smiled brightly, some tears began to fell onto his face. He gave a thumbs up to his mentor. "Thank you!"

"As you go through the fights, I'll be on your side. You can train with me more, and I'll even teach you some wrestling moves," Travis said.


Then, an answering machine beeped in Travis room. Travis walked towards it, and pressed a button. A familiar french accent answered.

"Travis? It's me. Tell Mineta that tomorrow is his first Ranked fight. Right now, Mineta Minoru doesn't stand in the Rankings, so he was to defeat his opponent to become 100th in Ranked. Good luck, and go on into the garden of madness."

To Be Continued...

Next Time:

Chapter Five: Ranked Number 100: Toby Slicer
Chapter 5


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No More Heroes: Purple Violence

Chapter 5: No More Slicing and Dicing (Rank #100: Toby Slicer)

The Big Day...

Vomit exited out of Mineta's mouth as he kneel and lurched in front of the toilet bowl. He heaved and heaved, until the last bit of bile left his stomach, leaving the boy to pant loudly. So much for breakfast...

Mineta's eyebrows was drenched in sweat, which dripped to his nose and inside the toilet. He grabbed for the handle and pulled it downward.


All of the contents inside the toilet swirled down and disappeared, and Mineta got up and walked to the sink. He stared AT himself through the mirror. To say he looked like a nervous wreak would be a Captain Obvious moment. He was paler than usual, his body shaked, and if he didn't use the bathroom earlier, then he would've pissed him.

'It's the big day...the day I'll become a hero no more.'

Then, a sound of a door knocked snapped Mineta out of his thoughts.

"Hey kid," Travis's voiced from the other side of the closed bathroom door. "Sylvia is on the phone. She wants to talk to you."

Mineta looked at his reflection one last time before answering. "Tell her I'll be right there."


Hello?" Mineta said as he held the phone in his hand as he paced around Travis's room.

"Hello Mineta. Today's the first day of the Junior League Ranked fights. You're feeling nervous?" Sylvia's voice was, in Mineta's opinion, a little lust filled as she spoke on the other line.

"Well i did puked not that long ago, so, yeah, I'm nervous."

"...Okay. So you're first opponent is Toby Slicer. Raised in downtown Brooklyn, he had a taste of true violence when he witnessed his mother being raped and murdered. Toby, at the age of six, mutilated the culprit, earning the nickname, 'The Brooklyn Ripper'."

"Just like Jack the Ripper, right?"

"Exactly. Well, if you count having your genitals sliced off and having them- Wait, I can't say that. It might raise the rating of this fanfic."

"...What the actual fuck?" Mineta said, his eyes and face shaped with horror and shock. He didn't even realize that he just cussed in front of a girl.

"Never-mind. After being held in a juvenile facility for nine years, Toby was discovered by the UAA, and was given a chance to join the Junior League.Toby escaped from the facility, and hid in a abandoned mall in Santa Destroy. That's where you'll fight him. Kill him, and you'll become ranked #100. Are you ready to enter the garden of madness?"

Mineta took an deep breath in, and exhale. "Let's do it."

"Very well. Toby, and your fate awaits you. Good luck." With a click, the call ended.

Travis just sat on his bed for the remainder of the call, and got up. "You ready, kid?"

Mineta hesitated for a bit, and with a look determination, he gave his trademarked thumbs up. "I'm ready. Let's do this!"

Travis smiled a little. "Let's go!"


Santa Destroy's Giga-Mall...

This mall held a special place in Toby Slicer's heart. When it had its grand opening, it was filled to the brim with customers and their children as he shopped. There was clothes, food, video games, even some live performances from well known musicians. It was a buyer's Paradise, Toby's Paradise.

Well, if you count napping any kind of men, women, and child, and brutally murdering them as Paradise, that is.

In Toby's hand, a Bowie knife was grabbed, thrown into the air, and caught on the handle. his onyx eyes stared at the clock, waiting for his prey to arrive. a beanie covered some parts of his brown hair, and some dried up blood stained his lightly tanned skin.

Then, a buzzing sound came from Toby's pants. He grabbed for his pockets, and grabbed a flip phone. He opened it, and placed it on his ear.


"Hello? It's Dan from the UAA Junior League. I'm calling to let you know that your opponent is heading your way..."

Toby kept throwing the knife in his hand and catching it. "Do you think I fucking care about my opponent? They'll die the same way as the others."

"I guess so. Do you want to know about your opponent?"

"Did you hear what came out my mouth, you fucking twat?"

"U-Um...I apologize. I thought you wanted to know that your opponent was trained by Travis Touchdown, sir."

Toby stopped throwing the knife. A look of surprise formed on his face.

"Travis Touchdown? As in, The Travis Touchdown?"


"...Go on."


Mineta and Travis pulled over at the abandoned mall. From the looks of it, the place was huge, and had some graffiti on it. The building probably had multiple floors, a perfect place for a fight.

"Here we are," Travis said as the small teen got off the motorcycle and stared at the building. "You got your beam katana?"

Mineta turned, and pulled out the weapon from the pocket of his pants.

"Good," Travis went for his own pockets and pulled out a small bag. "Here." He threw it to the boy. "That bag is full with batteries for your beam katana, just in case your arm gets tired of recharging it"

Mineta nodded once more, the bag was might hefty actually.

"I'll be waiting for you outside. Good luck."

The small teen went to enter the mall, until Travis halted him. "Wait a sec'..."

Mineta looked back.

"One more thing. If you're about to be down for the count, remember: Sometimes, your weapon isn't the only weapon you have. Okay?"

Mineta's face lit up in determination, giving a thumbs up.

Travis smiled back, and replied with a thumbs up of his own.

Mineta then turned around, took an deep breath, pushed the malls door open, and entered.


Ranked Fight!


Mineta Minoru vs Toby Slicer!

Mineta stepped forward, and looked around the mall. The entrance area must've age horribly, dust and the smell of corpses entered his nostrils. The boy cringed, covering his nose and mouth the palm of his hand.

"God...what died in here?" Mineta resisted the urge to vomit again, and walked forward. An old fountain stood in front of him, covered in cobwebs, dust, and...cut marks?

"Beautiful place, isn't it?"

An younger voice spoke in a calm manner, causing the boy to look around, searching.

"Up Here."

Mineta looked back, and saw an medium-sized teenager standing between two escalators. The teen wore an black beanie, a small, black trench coat, army pants, and brown combat boots. Dried up red and pink blotches covered the boy's tanned skin. He had both of his hands in his trench coat, and paced back and forth.

"Two hundred different shops, a hundred and fifty gun stores, eighty Spas, blah blah blah. It's kinda cliche and ironic, one kid trying to clear what good reputation he has left by entering this fucked up organization, and killing everyone who stand in his way. But really, why did you ever join the UAA anyway? You felt like it? You was bored and had nothing else to do?"

Mineta spoke up "I'm only doing this because I'm innocent. I'm the good guy in all of this.

"Keep telling yourself that, and we'll see."

"I don't want to kill anybody, but if I have to, in order to go back to my friends," Mineta drew his beam katana and pressed the "On" button. The antenna shoot out...


And a purple light shoot out, the beam katana came to life.

"Then so be it."

Toby stopped, and looked down to his prey. "You don't get it, do you?

Then he attacked.

His hand withdrew from his trench coat, and flung something at Mineta, who neatly sidestepped in panic. Mineta look at floor, a set of knives clattered and laid opon the floor. He then felt something ran down his cheek. He wiped off his cheek, and looked at it, surprised it was blood.

"You're lucky. A cut on the cheek is nothing compared to what I'm about to do to you." Toby opened his trench coat, revealing different kinds of knives, from small butter knives to big meat cleavers, in rows, and a black shirt with a blood stained skull.

"Prepare yourself, Mineta Minoru. You're about to get sliced up!"

Toby ran, grabbed a few knives from his trench coat, jumped, and lunged for Mineta. Mineta, his eyes widen, screamed and rolled, dodging Toby. The Brooklyn Ripper stood up and charged at the boy once more, but this time Mineta blocked his attack, His teeth gritting as he tried to push him back.

"Heh! I love it when they fight back!" A sadistic smile appeared on the killer's face as he pushed back Mineta, and began to slash at the boy. The grape haired boy guarded, some strikes landing on his beam katana.

'I can't keep blocking like this. Any more strikes, and my beam katana will run out of juice. I have to wait for a opportunity to hit him.' Mineta thought, and kept blocking. He waited. And waited...

Tony's arm was raised, a blade in hand, ready for a quick kill.



Mineta went for a diagonal strike, which grazed Toby's as he dodged. The Brooklyn Ripper looked down, and saw his shirt had a slash, along with a cut which drew some blood.

"You got lucky, you-" As Toby looked up, the small teen was out of his sights. Confused, he stared at the escalators, his sadistic smile brightens. "Okay, we've a runner. Time to find the rat."

He walked towards the escalators.


All of that cardio workouts really worked for Mineta, because he ran down the aisle without being tired, beam katana in hand. He turned, and stopped at a nearby shop. He quickly entered the store, panted wildly and leaning on a wall for support.



"Oh no, not now" Mineta looked at the beam katana, which made a loud noise. "I have to recharge it, but Toby would be here at any moment."

He went for his pockets, and pulled out the bag of batteries Travis gave him...

"Found ya!"

A meat cleaver spun in circles as it was thrown at Mineta's head. The grape haired boy dodged, but the bag was caught, hung on the floor with blue batteries spilling.

"You can't hide from the Brooklyn Ripper!"

Toby went for his trench coat, and pulled out a small butter knife.

"'Wanna know what i can do with this?"

Mineta walked back, cornered like a rodent in a corner with a large cat ready to pounce. His beam katana turned off, dead.

"Looks like you ran out of juice. Prepare to die, you fuck child!"

All of a sudden, What Travis said echoed in Mineta's mind.

"If you're about to be down for the count, remember: Sometimes, your weapon isn't the only weapon you have."

Out of pure instinct, he grabbed for one purple balls on his head, yanked, and threw it at Toby. The boy wasn't expected that to happen, which lead to the ball to stick on his left cheek. He tried to pull it off, but it refused. Mineta, filled with adrenaline, leaned down, grabbed one of the batteries, and performed a baseball slide between the Brooklyn Ripper's spread legs.

He quickly open a panel of his beam katana, and quickly replaced the battery.

"You little-" Toby turned and crouched down, the ball on his cheek

And beam katana turned on...


and impaled the Brooklyn Ripper right in the middle of forehead. Toby's last look on his face was one out of shock, and blood sprayed on Mineta's horrified face and shirt. With Mineta pulling the weapon out of his head, Toby's body fell backwards, in a dead heap.

After processing the last few seconds, Mineta crawled back onto his feet with a "Eeeek" escaping his mouth. He stared at the body, with horror and shock.

'I-I did it. I...killed someone.'

Then, Mineta felt bile rise from his throat, and he ran back to the exit.


Travis stood at the entrance, pacing back and forth. It was nearly thirty minutes since Mineta entered the mall, and the Otaku began to worry.

"C'mon kid. Please be alive." Travis said, as he continued to pace.

Then, a limousine arrived and pulled over towards the otaku. The door opened, Revealing Sylvia in her usual attire. "Hello Travis," She exited the vehicle and walked towards the assassin. "Where is Mineta?"

"In the mall. He's hasn't came back yet. I think he's"

Mineta bolted out the door, with blood covering his face and shirt.

He stopped in front of the two adults.

"Well, congratulations. You are now ranked #100, you should-"

Before she could finished, Mineta couldn't handle it. He slouched over, and emptied his stomach. Bile landed on Sylvia's shoes, which she yelped in surprise as he walked back.

"What the fuck?" Sylvia shouted.

When the boy stopped, he went lightheaded and began to tumble.

"Kid!" Travis shouting was the last thing Mineta heard before everything went dark.


Rank Up!

Ranked 100-Mineta Minoru

To Be Continued...