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Podcasts and Internet shows


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About Science, Technology & Mathematics naturally.

I don't know where my fellow posters are tickling their brain itch, but I do on YT and the like.

So here are my recommendations, from Youtube;

Lex Fridman a roboticist and programmer Lex Fridman invites a myriad of people to his podcasts. Among the notable are Sir Roger Penrose, Bret Weinstein, Sam Harris, Noah Chomsky, and others.
Dr.Becky Doctor Becky Smethurst, is an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford. She makes a (mostly)one-woman show about astronomy. If you like astronomy check out her show. It is very inviting to neophytes like myself.
Sabine Hossenfelder Doctor Hossenfelder YT channel is an interesting one, also a one-person show. She tries to avoid the wow factor that is attached to most headlines connected to physics.
PBS Space Time Ok, I understand about 5% of what is being said in this, I include it in the list as an offering for more advanced viewers.
Eric Weinstein This is another podcast. Sadly have not been updated for a year now. But the episodes already uploaded are worth the watch.
Anton Petrov this is a bite-size show where the host talks about mostly astronomy. Other scientific topics are also covered. It is simple. He reads a published paper and talks about it, without adding a spin to it.
Veritasium this one should need no introduction. In the words of the maker "An element of truth - videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting."
StarTalk Run by a world-renowned Science communicator. If you want to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about what he finds interesting, this is the show for you.

I did not include Kurtzgesagt because there is already a thread about them. Nor Issac Arthur's SFIA as even if it has "Science" in the name it is mostly futurism, and Futurism a domain closer to science fiction than rigorous scientific exploration. I do mention it as people who frequent a Sci-Fi forum most likely will find this channel interesting.

I invite anyone to comment and add their own recommendations to the list.
Computer History Museum has on occasion excellent biographical interviews.

featuring guys like William David Mensch Jr.

Chuck Peddle

It's history not to mention some of those interviews are pretty motivational in terms of life and goals.
Lex Fridman a roboticist and programmer Lex Fridman invites a myriad of people to his podcasts. Among the notable are Sir Roger Penrose, Bret Weinstein, Sam Harris, Noah Chomsky, and others.

Sam Harris, as in the guy who doesn't know shit about Islam and talks through his ass about philosophy?

I'll listen to him if he talks about neuroscience, anything else dude can go fuck himself.
Recently been talking with a friend of mine and how back when from late 90's to late 2000's you could find all sorts of info on pretty much any subject or whatever you wanted on the internets. From pilots manuals, to obscure sites on cars and how to fix them or modify them. all sort of sites for cartoons movies or games, technical explanations of whatever tech in detail or whatever, obscure or costume made clothing , etc,etc, etc.

While the last decade or so that all seem to have vanished despite zillion results on any search engine you barely get a good or relevant results you where looking for and most of it is either some official site or Wikipedia or some wiki spin off or some shit or worse quora.

Then of course there is shit like reddit. I used to remember forums on whatever subject. Somehow now are replaced by reddit ..which I find hard to read not solely because of the barely functioning human beings that use it ...but the whole format is trash.

Well apparently there is a answer to this quastion.

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