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On a Knife's Edge, a Post Weltkrieg 2 Kaiserreich Japan Game

  • Jakarta

    Cutest Mod
    Here is a map of the Post War world.

    Everything East of the Urals are States that are members of the Co-Prosperity Sphere, everything West of the Urals are member States of the Third Internationale.

    For a more detailed look at the situation.

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    Teasers from a far future
  • Jakarta

    Cutest Mod
    So, browsing the internet has bought me some ideas. Here's some snippet of a far, far future. These things are not necessarily related to one another by country.

    Imamura's List
  • Jakarta

    Cutest Mod
    Not the complete picture. But it shows how many people are in this plot.
    1) Nobusuke Kishi
    2) Hisaichi Terauchi
    3) Hideki Tojo
    4) Adachi Kenzo
    5) Seigo Nakano
    6) Akira Kazami
    7) Hiroshi Oshima
    8) Nobuyuki Abe
    9) Kuniaki Koiso

    You can google them IRL and see that they ain't exactly the nicest people Japan has to offer. In this Post Weltkrieg timeline, it appears that seeing Japan be 'Feminized' in such a rapid and abrupt fashion is a bit too much for them.
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