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Old/Classic games everyone should play?



at least more then 15 years old, or predating the 'HD' console era.

My vote would be KOTOR one and Two.

Absolute classic, it might wear its age pretty aggressively, but it's certainly an enjoyable classic at any day. If you haven't heard of it, I'd suggest jumping straight in.

My personal favorite star wars media, Bar none, even the movies pale in comparison IMO.


Not-Hostile Robot Caretaker
I played this ASCIII game called this Liberal Crime Squad a few years back. It was fun until I realized that violence was too OP in game and other methods like protests were simply boring.
Dwarf fortress. I love lava.
Trying to get CnC red alert 2 to work on my laptop.

Aaron Fox

SB's Minor Junker Descendant and Hunter of Nazis
Well, there is these little known games, lost in the sea of other games, particularly since Starcraft came along and practically stole everyone else's thunder. One is Outlive: Genetics vs Robotics, another Submarine TITANS...
Outlive achieved a level of balance that is only matched with Starcraft, as every unit had a counter-unit... outside the Robot's Apocalypse flying missile boat... One of the more interesting mechanics is the utilization of wreckage as a secondary resource. So if your assault fails, you've just gave your enemy a giant shot in the arm in terms of funding...
Basic summary is 'Starcraft UNDERWATER', and it wouldn't be that far out. Few people even know of this gem... and most of the videos I've found are in Russian. So far it's the only pure-bred underwater RTS game. If remade on a modern system, then this would be phenomenal...

Aaron Fox

SB's Minor Junker Descendant and Hunter of Nazis
Age Of Empires 2
That got an HD remastering a while back...

Another game that I've played that pretty likely no one played that I recommend Outwars. Aka: Starship Troopers: the Book: The Video Game...


If you like oldschool Zelda (top down view ones like the original and Link to the Past) I recommend Crystalis on the NES. NOT the mobile remake. The original had good music and a decent story for it’s time. The mobile port has completely new crap music and an entirely different backstory and dialogue which suck, going from a “cryogenically frozen hero from before the apocalypse learns magic/psionics and saves the world” to “magic good, science bad. Fuck science”


Freelancer. My overall favourite game ever.
Star Trek: Bridge Commander.
Both Freespace games.
Original Doom. (Try without 'IDDQD')

Take a look around GOG.com. Lots of classic games there. See what takes your fancy.

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