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Official FICvers Comic Strip, May 2019


Baron likes punching steaks.
Also, could the next strip have me building up a alt right alternative fact plague that I will unleash upon my foes?


Verified Overlord of Foxes
I actually like this art style much better than before.

As for what's happening in the strip, here's my theory. In the previous strip, Baron punched the shit out of the green dude, but then claimed otherwise. Here, they decided to do an experiment; green guy grabs a steak, they see if Baron punches it or not. My initial thought was that Baron punched the dude via water magic bullshit and claimed otherwise just like before. But you said this was about Mark Poe as well. Unless Mark Poe is one of the other characters and I just didn't pick up on it, my theory is that Mark is framing Baron for whatever reason.

Or I could be completely wrong, lol.


Indentured Artist
I thought I mentioned that Dodi's shirt and pants/shorts are tan and khaki colored. Or did you figured out where I got inspiration for her clothing and decided that's too controversial?
.... yees, let's go with that. Sure.


Oh wow I just found out about this. Amazing job BTW. I genuinely laughed.
It's a monthly thing and I'm still accepting comic strip suggestions.

After all, y'all know each other and your quirks best.

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