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My Avatar vs your avatar.


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  • In character for your avatar
  • Naruko with One-Tailed Cloak Form is bloodlust after a clone of your avatar kill guy! hinata and got feats from all of Naruto's manga/anime/gaming aka male counterpart.
  • random encounter
  • Win by OHKO,Incap and kill
  • Standard Gear/equipment/weapons
  • your avatar with feats from original canon of series or anything related to them.
  • Begin visible
  • Begin 30 meters apart
  • The fight takes place here;
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The Freak
1 Freak 2 Freak 3 Freak 4

Now the Freak is knocking at the door

7 Freak 8 Freak 9 Freak 2

The end has come for you.

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