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Looking for Information about Technology from Isaac Asimov´s Foundation / Galactic Empire


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What the Titel says...

I´m looking for Information about the Technology used in Isaac Asimov´s Foundation / Galactic Empire...

Can someone give me some Information or give me a Link ??
Try this.

I don't have my old books, but I recall it was very tech-lite despite being supposedly very advanced.

Lite as in weapo s being "raygun", "a powerful and larger raygun", and "an advanced raygun smaller than seen before". Can't remember other tech, but it seemed to be "X-device" that does a plot-relevant thing to get to the next scene.

Asimov acted like an anti-Weber. Still wordy, but a lot of that being on describing scenery and very little on the wondrous technology itself. Most of the books (again going by my memory) were traveling from one fantastically described place to another, having a bit of a discussion, and then going somewhere else. Like The Rise of Skywalker, but with a better story and dialog.
Given the lack of canon descriptions, just keep in mind of the period when the first stories were written: the 1950s. Thus the tech were pretty much atomicpunk in terms of aesthetics.
I mean I don't think he even ever described the postronic brain as a quantum computer at all and I think even then most of the theoretical foundations for one was pretty non existent except maybe for Feynman's comment on 'one' at that time.
Not to mention that the Foundation series is basically the Fall of the Roman Empire in space.

Most of S-F uses this, in much pauperised form actually, using usually twisted versions of Belisarious and "barbarian at the gates" trope, which actuall is more or less Romanised story about 300 spartans.
With nyet-communists or lays earabiana instead Vandals/Huns or Persians. At least Asimov's stories are more like adventures and actual stories rather than some right wing rhetoric, as most of nowadays "books" are.
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Some details can be gleaned though...

In the Foundation series, hyperspace jumps are instantaneous regardless of distance, but navigation is an issue. A spaceship must make multiple "jumps" for an interstellar journey.
The ships have shields and energy weapons.

In some of the later books, it comes out that The Robots Who Once Served Humanity are secretly running things from behind the scenes.
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