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Lets Talk About Our Lives

Submitted my resignation a second time....

I had enough of my manager, who pride himself as a 30 year experience technical staff (Electrician).

But he says to my face, how "illogical" chemical reactions are..... He demands a level of precision that is simply impossible for an open-circulation system....
suggest he hire better laws of the physical world
Phew. I'm fucked up, drank a little too much and smoked just enough, I see another break from alcohol in my near future, I miss being sober
So I start work at 1900 hours, end at 0200 hours, then drive my co-worker home, drive my car home, take a bus, at 0530 I am again at work, do the job, travel by foot to another location at 1500 hours, at 2030 hours that job is done return to the previous location, again on foot, do the job I started at 0530 again, at 2300 hours I am told go home the job you just did is not needed.

"There is no business like show business" - some asshole

Yes, I am complaining but I is my fault for working for entertainment industry for the last 10 years. The pay varies, the hours suck whale penis, but they do feed us.
If you ask me what feature length film we were making, I honestly couldn't tell you. I didn't actually ask.

So to anyone who is thinking about finding employment in film crews or adjacent field, I say;

*giggle snort* "have fun with that and my condolences to your family."
Umm what is happening in France?

Hard to tell from the outside, but in other countries the Eurocentrists seemed to maintain their dominance, and I suspect that is what will happen here. Been doing a looot of research on Europe because I plan on visiting soon-ish
I am ill at the moment.
My fevered dreams have narration running in them. Full sentences, nice imagery, eloquent actually.

I guess fever dreams should not make sense by definition so I am not to be surprised by them.
Either I am actually a good writer or I read too much Stanisław Lem lately.
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