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Lets make a fantasy story/setting


Our story starts with our main protaginist Charlak, a solider of the Arkalash Empire. He and his unit are in Rag'alo city, at the foot of the Larzin mountain range on the empires eastern border. There have been reports of the Sasodon in the city, a growing rebel orginzation, known for employing terroist tactics, torture, and assignation. Charlak and his comrades have been ordered to go from door to door, searching for any evidence that the occupants may be rebels. Citizens are forced to take magical truth serums, and anyone found gulity are to be arrested and "interrogated" back at base. As Charlak and his squad are moving through a town,

they are attacked by Sasodon soilders. Charlak draws his fire manablade, the mystical weapons blade materailzing with a hiss. Arkalashi combat doctrine heavily incorprates magic, even melee soilders utilize the mystic arts in battle. The fight begins...

Here are posts from the thread on SB before the sock was banned

One of the Empires enemies are the hordes of the Artic orcs. Hailing from the frozen wastelands, they are known for ravaging northern territories, using their brute strength and powerful cyromancy to their advanrage.

The tales speak of the orcs running from something, long ago they were made to take up the burden of their predecesors, to guard the prison tomb, something happened and the orcs splintered into several groups, fighting each other more then anyone else, now they have realized that with each death they have poisoned the land and made tomb weaker so the creature inside will soon be free, now they are running, trying to find a better lands and to flee the destruction that is sure to come, what little remains of their people are even now fighting each other unable to reach peace even as the world begins to burn around them.

Close the door behind you

So you want to know about the Dead?
About those tyranical undying bastards strapped to some Demon ripped out of a necromatic hell?
Well sit down then, don't mind the crimson eyes, I won't eat you.
I am just going to tell you a story
Back a couple ten or so thousand years ago there was a Cult
The bastards dove into some very bad, very insidious dark magic, they did things, such awful things.......
They broke a barrier, a boundary between our world and the Dark, A Pit where all the Black in the World drips down
I mean you think about it, all that negative energy, all that chaos and insanity every war, every defiling and vile act generates

The answer is Down, it goes Down and it makes a Fire, a black flame of poison like hate, of malice like blood and rage turned to bone, all that concentrated death and misery just pilling up. Like a cosmic dumperster fire.
Well those that Cult thought to unleash that on the world, all of the destruction and chaos since the dawn of time that had been gathering let loose all at once to drown the world.
They took kids and thought to use them as vessels for their Dead Gods

They did the Ritual and brought those living things of ruin into our world but they did not understand what they really wanted
Altars of blood? rivers of slaughter, endless mutilation and pain, all this and more that was all the Fire was.
Evisceration never ending, agony your flesh, pain your soul, anger your life?
That's all they ever had

Can you imagine what feeling sunlight through eyes was like?
The scent of air not spoiled by more toxins and other forms of pestilence so numerous I can not count every kind?
The Cult wanted to end the world
The Dead?
They wanted to savor it.

They had bonded with the souls of their hosts, becoming one new whole being

Those Beings, they wanted vengeance.

The Cult were massacared and a entire group of immortal, unkillable Gods of Magic from the Black Core of creation were able to wander the earth.
Thankfully though they desired to rule it they coveted the world

They wanted love, worship, praise, to be heroes.
The Dead had known Hell for all of their existence
Now that they were out they wanted to experience everything the world had to offer, every sight or emotion it could give.
And the Ritual?
Still ongoing
It never stopped, in fact with the obliteration of the Cult now every time the Black gets too filled up one of its Demons might latch onto someone and transform them
Now for the most part rarely do they start off as powerful as the Dead Gods who at this point had thousands of years to cultivate their might
But they keep coming
And each one wants a slice of the pie

What about me you ask?
I stopped wanting to claim everything a long time ago, let them rule nations, form religions or whatever
I am fine sitting right here
For now......

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