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Last movie you watched.

Bullet train. 2022.

I guess it was fun. But the constant starcrossed cameos by actors I recognize kept pulling me out of the story.
Watched Drugstore Cowboy

Normally I would be reluctant to watch anything with Matt Dillon. Because for whatever reason I dislike the guy. Not because he's a bad actor or that he done anything. I just don't like the guy. But I've run momentarily out of shit to watch.

Anyway, the film was fairly good. Feels like a template for a lot of 90's dark humor, tad wacky, bittersweet drama movies.
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Is made-for-TV okay?

The 1982 version of Smiley's People.
What happened to Monday. (2017)
Starring Willem Dafoe Glenn Close and Noomi Repace

I have to recommend it to anyone that has not watched it yet.
For one it has Willem Defoe and Glenn Close in it.
Secondly, it has
Noomi Repace. She is not a name you recognize right away. But she did star in: The Girl with the Dragon tattoo.
(side note throughout the film I kept thinking she was the actress from Fantagiro, Alessandra Martines. No idea why I confused the two)
This is a solid SCi-Fi movie with a generous action bent.
Someone compared this to "Bourne's Identity" yeah ok, the action is comparable but not as much and not as often.

Noomi Repace plays the protagonists(yes plural) compellingly. She also plays one of the antagonist, singular this time)

Great movie. Watch it. There's also boobs in this.
Funny how Hollywood tries to make hardcore action movies PB13 while the Europeans don't give a rat's ass.
Sounds good.


House of games 1987

Well shot, well enough acted, You can kinda predict the twists and turns that all have been done before but it ultimatly doesnt end in how you predict oddly.

Limbo 2003

Limbo is what this movie felt like watching. It's a very slow burn movie with too many wide shots, with a ending that has no pay off. Now i get what they were trying to do ..but ultimatly it didn't work. Partially lack of this movies fleshing out the characters hasn't helped either.
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Definitely lives up to the hype. Not a movie about the Trinity or Hiroshima, but rather a character study of Oppie the conflicted womanizer, reluctant physicists, and noncommittal cryptoleftist.

the movie explicitly delivers the stance the Russia's/Soviet's nuclear development was only done in response to American escalation. If the Americans builds a bomb then they will build a bomb, if the Americans build hydrogen bombs then they will respond in kind to maintain parity.

Pretty interesting thing to express in this political climate and without anyone raising a hoot over it,
for now.
Watched Wandering Earth 2 on stream yesterday. Basically the prequell to Wandering Earth.
Visuals were good, however, the plot was as weird as in part 1.

Watched Mars Express today on Prime. Visuals were really good, reminded me of Pantheon.
However the plot, lets say it´s nothing special. They could had done more with it. As for the ending, IMHO, not really good. It ended with a whimper.


Genuinely can't understand why this movie flopped. Yes, there are more talking scenes with guys named "Scrotum" or "Smegma" (classic Mad Max), but I felt there's about a same amount of cars exploding and goons getting pancaked by big rigs as Fury Road.

Also a rare moment where Chris Hemsworth is in a movie where he's actually allowed to act as a character instead of just being the typical action lead (outside MCU). Dementus is both a funny, awesome, and intimidating character. Honestly his best role outside of early Thor.
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