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Kill the Godmodder!

Mr Wumbo

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EDIT: This have been dormant for so long that I forgot everything I planned for this quest. Sorry everyone.

You find yourself in a seemingly infinite sea of grass. You do not know why you're here, how you got here, or who is this "godmodder". But you know one thing: You must kill.

In the horizon a gigantic white monolith stood, with the word "Rules" etched upon it.
  1. Like other Godmodder games, the game would evolve with new rules or mechanics as we go.
  2. The Godmodder can bullshits through your attack, although not always.
  3. Every turn player gets 3 action point that they can either spent on actions like attacks or unit creation. You can do either do three actions or one triple charged action. More charge = more power. One charge is instantaneous. More charges takes more turn equal to the number of the charge. In progress actions can be charged again with the added turns.
  4. Remember, it's a freeform RP. Anyone can hop in and out anytime.
  5. I'll wait at least a half day to collect responses.
The Godmodder notices your presence, along with many others.

Godmodder [100/100]

A cloud shaped like "edited often" flew over the battlefield.
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The Freak
OOC: I thought godmodder was just some term some kid on ROBLOX made and it just kinda stuck around.

Launches a 500 gigaton blast at him
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