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American Patriot And Deep Thinker
I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this...mods, feel free to move if needed.

So I'm creating a little pro wrestling "e-fed" right now, using WWE 2K18 (and eventually, WWE 2K19) to develop storylines and matches. I'm calling this the "Global Wrestling Federation", or GWF. It will feature matches and pay-per-views for various titles, such as the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (IRL, held by one Nick Aldis, "the National Treasure"). This will be coming soon....if you're into pro wrestling, I invite you to have a look!

(Legal disclaimer: I do not claim to be associated with World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., the National Wrestling Alliance, or any other real-life federation, in any manner. All existing creative rights, as well as trademarks, are reserved to their respective copyright holders)
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