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Hunting Dragons

Setting info and char sheet. Luci Duskblood


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In the world of Everyth, in the township of Eve's Breath, there is a dragon problem. A broodmother is defending her territory in the forest and the gem mines. Heroes have been called by the Mayor to stop the broodmother.

Meanwhile, a group called the Dragon's Teeth are seeking to trap and control the broodmother, and will attack adventurers on sight.

You are one of the heroes, and can venture into the Scorched Forest and then the Haunted Mines to end the reign of dragons.


On your character sheet, you'll be asked to select a class. These are the available classes:

Rogue: Skilled with daggers and shortbows, Rogues can also hide in the shadows, infuse poison into their weapons, pick locks and some even go into Shadow magic to drain health and summon zombie minions.

Healer: A wise medicine woman who also taps the spirits of the fallen to heal allies. She can go into elemental and Shadow magics for fireballs and Shade summoning, and Light or Life magics for deadly smiting and restoration spells. She heals even through death, capable of reviving a fallen ally.

Archer: Skilled with bows. The Archer can also learn to make special enchanted arrows, coat arrows in poison, navigate the forest and mines by sensing danger, set traps and can go into Life magic for healing.

Enchantress: A student of magic. The available schools for specialization are:

Elemental: fireballs, ice storms, the speed of the wind, lightning, you name it. Elemental magic can also summon wild elements, spirits that reflect an elemental origin.

Shadow: Spells around death, dying and decay. Decaying armor and weapons, psychic terrors, sucking health and mana, summoning Shades, beings of malevolent shadows, opening portals between the lands of the living and dead.

Light Magic: can use the heat of light to burn, the Light also heals, to a equal extent as Life magic. You can summon minor angels and give blessings.

Life Magic: the forces of nature. Can cause growth and control of plants, poison and shape shifting. You also can heal and revive fallen friends. You can assume nonhuman forms at first, then assume humanoid forms later. Also can summon playful fairies.

Paladin: a warrior trained in Light magic for healing or damage. Can take hard hits, burn or heal, use all melee weapons, make armor and weapon runes to enchant gear, and Light spells themed by the god/dess they worship.

The available choices are:

Alura, the Faded Beauty: the goddess Alura grants paladins blessings that induce status effects on their enemies. She can grant blessings that burn, stun, bleed, petrify and freeze enemies. She wishes for each follower to find their inner beauty.

Cythea, the Wilting Flower: Cythea is the goddess of nature, beasts and plants. Her blessings to paladins are animal forms, elemental themed support spells, and monster summoning. Cythea wishes the return of nature to take care of the world.

Yunna, the Pale Moon: the wanderer goddess of change. Her blessings to paladins represent scorching moonlight and are channeled through masks. You can also shape shift to human forms.

Nameless: the god of self-image. Nameless bestows blessings of illusion magic to make it seem like one object, sound or sight is really another. Nameless wants an anarchy where freedom and opportunism reigns.

Ailisha, the Eternal Love: paladins of Ailisha gain healing blessings. They can also make restorative potions. Ailisha seeks to spread love across the world.

Warrior: warriors can use all melee weapons and bows, take incredible damage, give beastly attacks back, but can't learn magic. Warriors go into berserk states when near death, granting strength boons. Warriors are equipment dependent, relying on the weapons and armor they have on to a great extent.


On your character sheet, you'll be asked to select a race. You can choose between human, elf, fae, orc, kobold and tiefling.

Human: humans look and function like their real world equivalents. They often dye their hair and get body piercings. Humans are the most populous race in Eve's Breath.

Elf: elves are the least populous race, after infighting that decimated their ranks, over which breed of elf was superior. Elves look like smaller, thinner humans with pointed ears. Elves often wear elaborate hairstyles.

Fae: Fae look like taller, lithe humans with wings and oddly colored hair and skin. Related to elves, they also have pointed ears. Fae traveled from Dusk Haven to Eve's Breath.

Orc: the denizens of the Scorched Forest, the orcs have been uprooted from their homes by the broodmother and live with the humans. Orcs look like muscled humanoids with fangs, claws and green skin. Orcs have been long waiting for a chance to slay dragons.

Kobold: short, furry humanoids that resemble dogs. They live in close family units. Kobolds were working in the Haunted Mines but now that the broodmother took over, they live with the elves.

Tiefling: a union of a human and demon, typically a succubus or incubus. They look like humans and have some demon traits like a tail, wings, hooves, etc. The most potent beauty marks are scaled skin or a demonic face.

Hunting Dragons Char Sheet said:
Special Abilities or Spells:
This roleplay will be mostly free form. I don't care if you adhere to the stuff I've written exactly.

I'd like to work a level up system in of some kind. Maybe after certain major quests or activities are completed you would have the opportunity to change your character sheet?

With special spells or abilities, they start at a low efficiency level, and you can only have one. You will gain more as the RP progresses.

Thank you for reading. Hope you like my RP!

My character in the RP, Luciara Duskblood:

Name: Luciara Duskblood.
Gender: Female.
Race: Fae.
Class: Rogue.
Appearance: Luciara is tall for a woman and has pinkish skin and purple hair. She ties her hair into a long high ponytail. She has pale violet eyes, pinkish wings, and wears a clingy black skirt, black sleeveless top and high heeled shoes. She carries 2 daggers in scabbards on her hips.
Background: Born in the city of Dusk Haven to a poor family. They had to scrape and claw to survive. Luci was no stranger to stealing to live. She had been caught by the guards one evening stealing to feed her family and then sent to Eve's Breath on a warrant.

After she served a year in jail, she's out again and hasn't learned her lesson. She scoffs at the law. Luci has become a thief for a local gang.
Special Abilities:

Serpent's Tooth Strike:
Costs one bottle of poison and then does double damage thanks to Shadow magic. The caster appears to blur her strikes together. Inflicts poison and does Shadow damage, creating the same wound twice.
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